1 Hour Lure Challenge Jacksonville Florida Fishing!

Surprising Results! If you guys liked this let me know! Shout out to Matt and Shawn!

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  1. Tarnished lure says:

    Hey its matt I met you at the hidden lake that day great video !! i like your other videos as well. hope to met again.

  2. FriedRiceDude says:

    I saw u at the inlet but didn't know it was you. Caught some whiting on the other end of the bridge where the jetskis weren't creating a ruckus.

  3. Johnny Bones says:

    I've always wondered what the bait fish are here in these retention ponds. I've never seen any

  4. Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva says:

    Beautiful FISHING Congratulations Fisherman!👍🎣🐠🐠

  5. Dinsmore Outdoors says:

    that first fish you got was called a Redbreast sunfish, im heading out to fort george kayak fishing soon

  6. CovingtonCreekFishing says:

    I just caught my first double digit yesterday here in Jax. The video is up on my channel

  7. Demarcus Williams says:

    location please?
    im looking for good fishing places near fleming island area thanks

  8. Marty Z71 says:

    Hey buddy awesome video !! I am new to Georgia I'm a Florida native I'm in the military living in Kingsland Georgia just outside of Jacksonville with a boat rods reels and tackle and have no clue where to go bass fishing any input would be so greatly appreciated.

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