10 Interesting Facts About The Himalayas

Here is a list of 10 interesting facts about The Himalayas.

The term Himalaya means abode of snow.
Indo-Australian plate moves about 20 mm per year, causing the mountains to continue to grow in size.
Himalayas were below the sea level some 50 million years ago.
The Ganges, Indus, Brahmaputra, Mekong, Yangtze and the Yellow Rivers all originate in the Himalayas.
It stretches across five different countries: India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Pakistan.
It serve as a natural habitat to exotic animal species like snow leopard, wild goat, sheeps, deers and more.
Himalayan ranges is the third-largest deposit of snow and ice on this planet.
The Himalayas has 30 peaks and cover about 0.4 percent of the surface area of the Earth.
Out of 14 heights peaks in this world, Himalayas holds 9.
People living in Himalayas are mostly Hindus, Islam, Christians and Buddhists.

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