20 MOST BIZARRE Borders Around The World

From Mount Everest, to the most confusing town in Europe; these are the MOST Bizarre Borders Around The World

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9. Derby Line | USA and Canada
Derby line is a town divided between two countries – United States of America and Canada. This wouldn`t be all that interesting if the borderline didn`t, in fact, went through houses, offices, buildings and so on.
So, for example, you could be in Canada when you are in your living room and if you move to the bedroom, you are in America.
One of the buildings like that is Haskell Free Library and Opera House, which had to be built in two countries. It`s entrance is in America but the stage is in Canada.

8. Liberty Island | New York and New Jersey
Liberty Island is an exclave of New York in New Jersey waters. It might seem unusual since they are both part of America but these two provinces have been disputing over pieces of territory ever since they separated from each other in 1674.
New York got the Liberty Island but New Jersey wasn`t going to give up after a long history of disputes of to whom it belongs.
At one point in time in 1997, New Jersey stated that they should have the parts of island that were filled and New York should have the rest of it, but it was soon clear that it was impractical and New Jersey agreed to give all of the island to New York.

7.Mt. Roraima | Venezuela Brazil and Guyana
Mt. Roraima is one of the highest of the tepui plateaus in the Pakaraima chain and it also serves as a triple border for Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. It is set on the Guyana shield in the corner of Venezuelan National Park Canaima.
Mt. Roraima is highest point of Guyana but Brazil and Venezuela have their own, different highest peaks.

6.Bastei | Germany and the Czech Republic
Bastei is a strange formation of rocks that separate Germany and Czech Republic. It reaches the height of 305 meters over sea level 194 meters above the Elbe River.
It has been a tourist attraction for a very long time now and in 1824 a wooden bridge was built in order to link rocks so that visitors can get a better look of the rocks and the Saxon Switzerland National Park on one side and Bohemian Switzerland on the other.
It looks like some setting from a fairytale and it truly is a marvelous border.

5. Parana Rivers | Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina
The spot where Parana Rivers meets Iguazu river marks the borders of these three countries and it is otherwise known as Triple Frontier. The population of Triple Frontier is in the three border cities – Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, Puerto Iguazu in Argentina, and Foz do Iguacu in Brazil.
This is one of the most famous borders in the world as it`s been included in popular media like TV shows, movies etc.

4. Diomede Islands | USA and Russia
Nestled in the Bering Strait are the two islands of Diomedes. The Little Diomede is a part of American territory and its population is 146. The Big Diomede is probably desolate, and it belongs to Russia. The distance between these two islands is 4km and this wouldn`t be all too interesting if there weren`t for the International Date Line.
Because of IDL, The Big Diomede is in a completely different time zone – 21 hours ahead to be exact – and the sun rises there much earlier than on the Little Diomede. There`s even a web-cam so that visitors can enjoy watching the sun rise in a different time zone.

2. Great Divide | Norway and Sweden
The Great Divide is the 1630 kilometer long border between Norway and Sweden. It was changed several times due to the war and in 1751 the border that we see today was based on the local knowledge of which farm belonged to which parish and which parish belonged where. In unpopulated areas in the high mountains, the border mostly followed the natural divide of water.
Today, it`s known to be one of the most peaceful borders in the world with only animals, such as wolves wondering across the border.

1.Baarle-Hertog/Baarle-Nassau | Belgium and Netherlands
This is probably one of the most complicated borders in the world. Baarle-Nassau is a city in Netherlands with 22 separate pieces of land that belong to the municipality of Baarle-Hertog, a Belgian city, within it.
On the Belgian side, Belgian rules apply and the same is true for Baarle-Nassau.
This incredibly complicated situation dates back to the feudal system when those who owned land often exchanged or gambled with it, and so Baarle area now belongs to two countries which both decided that they wanted to keep things as they were, complicated and interesting to tourists.

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