3V Gear Subrosa Urban Assault Pack

We love our tactical packs. They are rugged, tough and ready to go to war. But sometimes you may want the same great rugged toughness, but without all of the tactical bling. That is why we created the Subrosa. Actually, this is why we created the entire Stealth Operator Bag (SOB) line up. You get the same great features, build quality, and design you would expect from 3V Gear, but in a nondescript, “gray mans” pack.

The Subrosa is the perfect addition to the 3V Gear lineup. Its discreet styling and subdued tactical look make this full featured bag ideal for the user who wants a rugged backpack but also wants to blend in and not stand out in the crowd. The Subrosa comes with loads of organization, padded laptop sleeve which will hold most 15″ laptops, a tablet pocket that will hold most tablets up to 10″, a full clam-shell design allowing you to easily load and access all of your gear, and molded EVA foam back allows air to flow across your back when wearing the backpack.

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