5 Truck River Crossings That Look Impossible

Automobiles are designed to operate on land. Many vehicles can’t successfully pass through water. Few people tried driving their cars on water and they have succeeded. It difficult to convince them that their car engine doesn’t benefit from swimming in water. Due to their ability, you many some people think they are seaworthy.

Below are vehicles which have been tested and proven they can pass through big waters successfully:

Toyota Land Cruiser

Australia is well known for its extreme terrain. The land cruiser has been testing in Australian waters had it succeed. This car put Toyota Company at the higher level in production of good engines since their vehicle can be provided vehicles which can pass through water.

Stout Mitsubishi Pajero

Many suggested it impossible for this vehicle to cross rivers. The Pajero passed across many rivers in Latvia and it didn’t have any difficulties. The car showed great power when in rivers which shocked many people.

Land Cruiser

Another land cruiser was tested in the river. One fisherman predicted that the car won’t be able to pass through the water. When the vehicle crossed the shore the fisherman was left smiling by the power of that vehicle.

Isuzu Trooper

The vehicle was tested in the river. During the test, it didn’t have a smooth drive through the water. It was almost washed in the river but recovered well. The driver was alert and controlled it successful of the water.

Land Cruiser FJ40

During the test, the Land Cruiser FJ40 was pulling a trailer and had a lot of people inside. People who were there during the tested were really shocked when it completely submerged in the water. Eventually, it came out of the water successfully and the people who inside were alright.


You have to be courageous for you to pass the vehicle through the water. People were shocked by the power and capabilities of these vehicles to cross the water; the next time you visit an auto dealership or see these 4×4 trucks, remember what they are capable of. Better yet, if you reside in a terrain which requires the capabilities of these trucks, consider buying one.


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