AMAZING day of bass fishing Jacksonville florida

sorry for the use of caps lol, this is by far one of my better couple of days of bass fishing in a hot minute!

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  1. michael mendoza says:

    Great video. I agree with more salt water fishing spots around jacksonville. Maybe some tips.

  2. 2232Stephen says:

    Thats a nutria I believe.. Didn't know they are in Florida. May want to contact FWC not sure, definitely a big problem in Louisiana

  3. Brian Vickery says:

    Yeah, more inshore stuff. Maybe try a day at the pier, heard lots of stuff coming in there.

  4. Bassing In Florida says:

    ive kayak fished the 2nd pond and all i got was tilapia

  5. WilkersonZC says:

    that was great!! so many worms. Whats that scent that you used?? What time should i fish?

  6. Fishing Blackwater Sound says:

    Def get the saltwater fishing in, also if im ever in jacksonville FL ill try and get some freshwater largemouth bass fishing in, thanks for sharing keep up the good work…

  7. FriedRiceDude says:

    Jacksonville bass fishing is not that great as some other places but it's fun. I'd definitely try some shark fishing or some surf fishing videos. May take longer, but the content is well worth the wait.

  8. Geezers Bassin says:

    Nice video man. Catching bass is lot more fun than moving a refrigerator! We subbed you up to watch future videos.

  9. Dinsmore Outdoors says:

    left ya a like for sure! you have a facebook page for 904 fishing down ya?

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