Ancient Egyptian Canals and Irrigation

Ancient Egyptian Canals

There was always plenty of water, so salts never built up in the soil; and the flow in the canals and ditches was strong enough to avoid silting.

Ditches and canals were short, and the typical irrigation scheme was very local.The ancient Egyptians dug a long canal called Bahr Yousuf to bring water from the Nile to the Faiyum Depression for irrigation.

The shaduf was the water lifting device used by the farming population appeared after 1500 BC.The shaduf by the museum can hold 20 litres of water.

The fortunate people of Egypt made use of the timely flooding of the Nile, which indeed remains, for many number of decades, as a blessing to the valley.

Egyptians developed a system of “Nilometers” at various points along the valley.This was helpful in comparing past and present water levels.

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