Appalachian Trail 2018: gear testing and fishing on the AT in VA

Hillbilly here! Come along on my first backpacking trip of the year. On this short overnighter, I test my new tent, quilt and pad in preparation for my upcoming long section in NC/TN. Also, my friends and I took advantage of Brown Mountain Creek and the Lynchburg Reservior and did a little fishing. I hope you enjoy the video and please like and subscribe!

  1. Heavy Metal says:

    Hey HB,congrats on another hike.ill be headed out April 4th for my AT thru hike.You said you were hiking some place?

  2. Keith Stewart says:

    Thanks for the video if I go hiking I always have my little collapsible fishing pole I take really like to fish for the Little Speckled trout

  3. Michaelangelo says:

    Nice show. Great scenery. Good tunes. Wish ya were doin a thru hike…

  4. life2livealways says:

    Glad to see the EE quilt stood up to the cold temps. I haven't taken mine out for a test run yet, but I sleep cold, so your field test gives me hope that I too will be warm. Happy hiking and Love and Light!

  5. NavyBoySM2 Hutson says:

    Ive a question, I want to hike the APT and only have 7 days, have selected VA as my starting point as it is the closest at 7 hours from my home.   Q. if I park my car, can I hike the full seven days and get ride back?  or will I need to plan on 3.5 days each direction?    Thank you.

  6. Velociopossum says:

    Nice video, I’m really diggin the tunes too. I’m glad that new tent worked out. That was my kind of outing right there, fishing, eating, and taking a sip or two! I love to trout fish, I’m going to have to get a more backpacking friendly pole though. What type of 🍖 was that you had on the fire? Excellent ending as well!

  7. NOBO Takoda says:

    Hey Hillbilly, you gonna be on the A.T this year? Starting my thru hike in a few weeks mate. Would love to cross paths.
    Ps, still haven't found boots ha, oboz are awesome but they're too narrow for my flat feet.

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