Appalachian Trail Roller Coaster

The Appalachia Trail Roller Coaster – Shakedown hike #2. 27 miles over two days, March 24 – 25, 2018. Virginia/West Virginia from AT nobo mile 989 – 1016. One night in hostel and one night tenting at Bear’s Den Hostel. Hiked with Hudson Valley Hikers –

  1. Glen Bahde says:

    I left a comment earlier about the edit and flow for what you are doing. I see it's erased I do have a degree in broadcasting with production experience way deep in my past. I hope it wasn't in appropriate.

  2. Todd Stull says:

    Looks awesome! This year my first section on the agenda is from the Mason/Dixon line to Front Royal, Va so I'm kinda pumped for the coaster!

  3. Rob Schapps says:

    Nice job, Good to see you out putting in the work. These videos are helpful and inspiring. Did you learn anything new from this shakedown? A couple tweaks here or there, or do you feel dialed in up to this point?

  4. Black & Outdoorsy!! says:

    Just wondering.. were there any sections between Bears Den and Blackburn that you would consider difficult for someone with a fear of heights.. thank you in advance for your help with this 👍

  5. Liberty’s Journey says:

    Hi there. When are you planning to do the full trail? I’m considering 2020. I Still need a lot training and conditioning. I’m also putting together my gear. Thanks for the review on the Nemo pad. I’m definitely going to consider it.

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