Backpacks: Budget Or Name Brand?

– Backpacks. Budget Or Name Brand? A Backpack Battle Between The Belgian Bohemoth And Mystery Ranch/Camelbak.
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  1. mickenoss says:

    I get the impression your $500 is mostly buying the name.
    I'm sure it performs fine, but that is too much for a pack that lacks features you'd find on many $200 packs.
    …and "printing tools" …hahaha

  2. stinkvieh says:

    hi can you tell me what song do you use in your intro ? it sounds really nice. love your videos and keep up the good work ! thanks

  3. john dowe says:

    trash bag with a pillow colver on the outside lol, way better 😉

  4. Oxxnarr D'flame says:

    I prefer a larger pack so I can get all of my gear inside. I don't like hanging gear outside of a pack. It snags on bushes and is more likely to fall off and get lost.

  5. av chimay says:

    If you want a real kick ass 130L you should check out "Bergans Alpinist Escape Standard". It's optimized for 40 kg load and has a large zipped front opening in addition to standard top opening with snow lock and standard sleeping bag access in the bottom part. The large expandable side pockets are detachable for bushwacking and can be zipped together to make a small daypack. 130 liters at 4.4 kgs.

  6. James Ortiz says:

    Surgei hoisted your guys packs without question because he considered you as peers. Spetznaz. Elite forces.Brotherhood.

  7. Christine Mann says:

    I've carried daily  for 18 years a BW mountain ruck/daypack bought new. It is finally showing some stress but has largely been replaced by my veshmeshok. Even in daypacks the weight makes a huge difference. I was looking at the larger patrol pack in Flecktarn but am now considering the Belgian. You do realize you are starting a fashion trend in totally mixed up patterns? ——christopher

  8. r rotsky says:

    thank you The Lars for video and time is appreciate. /merci Lars pour le vidéo et le temps c'est apprécier. / спасибо Арс для видео и времени. / 2x thumbs-up ! / 2x большой палец вверх!

  9. troo52 says:

    The Belgian backpack looks like a British bergen, but with much better features. The back support looks awesome! 3,8 kilos or 8,3 pounds it is heavy, but the material is very sturdy (At least on the Danish Bergen, material looks the same) and civillian back packs doesn't seem to be that be made that sturdy, and will break faster. Nice Video! Really would have thought Camelback was a better product at that price.

  10. bali song says:

    that's still WAY too heavy. My god, 8 lbs instead of 10 lbs? This weight is the result of idiots "thinking" that everything has to be inside of the pack. Roll up all of the soft stuff inside of the sleeping bag, which is inside of its bivvy, and tie it under the pack. you WILL notice if it comes unrolled and starts flapping on your legs, guys. The pack weight can and should be held to 4 lbs. If you're going to lug around 4-6 more lbs, lug it in the form of a 1 lb pocket 9mm pistol, a canteen full of water, and some pemmican or gorp.

  11. bali song says:

    A pack cover can keep the rain off of the entire package and furthermore, once you've stopped and set up your tarp, the pack cover can be a container, for hauling/holding debris, etc.

  12. keflarjeoffrey says:

    Ex army bags are cheap and durable, but don't forget, new they are around the same price. So not really a comparison. Ex army gear is sturdy but also super heavy, that's why they last so long

  13. mack tightwad says:

    Lars Army kit, every day of the week and twice on a Sunday .. Robust kit meant to get the job done, not flash nor fancy will not let you down .

  14. Steven Szabo says:

    Lars, it sounds like it is time for a backpack giveaway! LOL.

  15. Jeff Gervaise says:

    Great video. Although you didn’t show how many silky saws it would hold. 🤓.

  16. John D says:

    Interesting your talking about these packs in dollars and your in Russia. But thanks

  17. Matt Robbins says:

    I used the belgium pack last year for my backpack hunting trips after seeing your video.Worked great for me.Thanks.

  18. Keith Schricker says:

    I don't get the need to piss away a lot of money on a backpack. I have 2 $6 Swiss Army surplus packs that I spent more restrapping with ALICE straps than what I paid for them. They take a beating and are great for hiking or bugout bags.

    My ALICE LRP ruck is a prize to treasure and all for $50 used. But it has the bucket for bulk gear, a frame that can be used to tie odd items like my wool blanket rolls. It also has nice pockets and pouches for the quick grab items.

  19. Keith Schricker says:

    Can you make a video about Russian gun laws, customs laws, and hunting? Please.

    I never guessed that Russia allowed private ownership of the offspring our friend Mikhail Kalashnikov.

  20. Keith Schricker says:

    Your Belgian looks like the bucket seats I had in a sports car I owned years back. Comfort all day is so underrated.

  21. Julian 3 says:

    Another great video, thank you so much! And I LOVE your rifle!!!! OOPS I mean shotgun. Saiga, it looks like! Lovely!

  22. YeOldeScience says:

    For about 15 years now I've carried a Swedish army backpack. It's OD green and cost me $20 at the time. You can find them now for about $40. It's an external frame pack and it's VERY light. It works very well and I haven't even thought about replacing it. The only thing I've done is I got some webbing and sewn my own MOLLE webbing to the outside of it in a couple spots so I can attach a couple external pouches. I've looked at $200+ packs in stores and I just laugh. My old $20 Swedish pack is lighter and more versatile.

  23. Schmidt54 says:

    The Belgian backpack looks like a larger and somewhat updated version of the current standard issue Bundeswehr backpack – which is a great backpack quality- and value-wise but it lacks hip support.

  24. oPROXYo says:

    I got a SSO “ADLER” I love it, awesome comfortable, well made affordable

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