Black Bear Encounter While Hiking Alone ( Solo Backpacking Overnight Fail)

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⬇️Gear List for this trip & Bear starts at 25:37min ⬇️

I hope you enjoy this short but exciting black bear encounter & seeing some more of the trail.

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NOKA Superfood➡

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Scandinavian gear 65l backpack➡

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  1. Arbitrary Exploration says:

    This was really fun to watch! I am sure it was not very fun at the time. 🙂 I subscribed! 🙂

  2. Edward Shin says:

    Do you use a gimbal for your vids? Digging the steady pans. I also have that same backpack as a backup (Swedish-something) I use on some trips. Good stuff man. Subbed and looking forward to more vids!

  3. Hiking with Braids says:

    Backpacking in the Smokies, I’ve seen a ton of black bears on the trail and they’ve all been very skittish, but I know when you’re faced with one especially hiking alone you feel much more vulnerable. When I did my solo trip this past weekend I was a little scared lol although part of me wanted to get one on camera lol.

  4. Hike with Mike says:

    I had my first bear encounter last fall alone camping in the Green Swamp!

  5. Haven Caylor says:

    Hey, Will! Glad you're okay after the bear encounter. I have to catch up on your adventures this summer. -Haven

  6. White Oak Outdoors says:

    The secenery is quite spectacular. Keep up the good work. – Josh

  7. Haggard Outdoors says:

    Hey just subbed, great videos and channel, I seen a black bear once and I’m not gonna lie it was scary, keep up the good work.

  8. Pam's Great Outdoors Adventures says:

    Will you got some hurts buddy!! I would not have blamed you one bit if you would have headed back home right after seeing that bear! well at least you knew to yell out and back up. bravery is knowing when to walk away. Awesome video I'm share this with my community for sure ….lol

  9. Pam's Great Outdoors Adventures says:

    And what a nice guy helping and watching over the lady, though looks like the dog was what doe both of you …lol

  10. Bryce Newbold says:

    Walk-by shots looks so good. It gives people a sense of being there with you I think. Worth the effort. lol. Such a beautiful area! I wish i lived somewhere cool like that. haha.. good stuff man. I like your style

  11. selrod55 says:

    I don't think making animal noises is a good idea, yelling yes. I was in a cabin awalked out to a bear about 25 feet in front of me so i banged the weber grill lid and yelled, but wouldn't leave so I got my best growl on and i freaked when the bear stood up on its rear legs and started in my direction with better growls then me. I got back in the cabin and spent the rest of the day in the cabin.

  12. Borderline Wild Camping says:

    Awesome video For me :)) Not for you so much !! Some Adventure this. Thank you !!

  13. Van Halo says:

    I know you don't run from a bear but once you are out of it's sight…I say run like the wind.

  14. Michael Woehrl says:

    Usually they just run away. I don't think you gave the bear a chance to.

  15. Lost Hike says:

    You have to bring " the pooter " with you, it helps a lot to frighten anybody go on : jack vale channel, you will see 🙂

  16. Steve LFZ says:

    Great video! This is northern Washington State? And your video is a perfect reason for my postponing a trip to Yellowstone until September…the mosquitoes are horrendous until mid-August! My sister lives in Alaska and has black bear encounters frequently. If you don't leave your trash cans locked up in the garage you can expect a bear to rummage through it…and they are messy and noisy. The little bears you can shoo away, the big ones you don't mess with.

  17. Beliefs Become Reality says:

    You did the best thing! Great video. What kind of camera and equipment are you using? I’m about to do my first solo hike in Northern California and do my first solo overnight and I want to film some of it like this. Thank you and glad you are safe. – Paige

  18. Fun On Vancouver Island says:

    I really enjoyed this vid brother. Great little adventure. The encounter is never something to take lightly for sure. I also hate mosquitos but don't think we have them as bad here. Similar Forrest though.

    Thanks for sharing,


  19. mary haley says:

    The anticipation is awful! I know there'll be a bear, but you don't!

  20. Ronni Buck says:

    I have sooo many videos to catch up on but saw this when I tried to view your live stream a few minutes ago, so had to check it out. That bear couldn't have cared less about you lol Don't feel bad tho, I've encountered idk how many over the years and the only thing I can tell you is something I read from a black bear site one time. "The only bear that wants to kill you is the one that kills you." IOW, you have a better chance of being struck by lighting than attacked.

    The place I just moved from backed up to the Wekiwa River Basin, which holds the largest black bear population in FL. We had 2 to 5 (sometimes more) bears in our neighborhood every singe day. Cops would just escort the bears through the neighborhood and detour the kids and school buses to help prevent encounters but people would post pics or videos almost daily on our community FB page. They go in people's garages, get into trash cans, swim in pools, play on swing sets, and lay in hammocks. About the only thing they ever kill are cars. If you're dumb enough to leave a stick of gum or whatever in your car with the windows down or in a convertible… yeah, that's pretty much game over for the car! lol

    We had two huge males named Thor and Yogi that were just spectacular, especially Yogi as his coat was reddish brown instead of black so he really stood out. In the 5 years I lived there I've had bears in my yard 4 different times, 3 of those were when I was sitting on the patio cooking over my fire pit. Never ever had an issue, even with the food, and those encounters were less than 25 feet away.

    Here's an old site that has some pics including the bear laying in a hammock. I think this page got rolled into the community FB page a few years back as it doesn't have nearly as many encounters, but the Wekiva FB page is residents only so you won't be able to view it.

    PS Use a carabiner to hang your keys from a belt loop so they jingle as you're walking and you'll probably never see a bear again – unless it's a good distance off.

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