Catch and Cook!!! BOILING Rice – Fish, Avocado, and Butter! SO EASY!!!!

Butter Boat on the water again with another Catch and Cook Fish. A few nice Rockfish and Lingcod. Once we brought the Zodiac Cadet 350 back on shore, we prepared everything by the Boat Launch and had ourselves a delicious meal with Fish, Rice, and
Avocado. Gear Listed Below:

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Daniel’s Channel:

Boat Rod (Shimano Trevala) 6’6″ MH::

Reel in 5000 Size (Shimano Socorro):::

Rapala Fish Grip::

Braided Line, 30lb Suffix 832:::

Keitech Teaser Swimbait::

Big Hammer 5 Inch Swimbait:::

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  1. jr harper says:

    love your vids man, it's a shame I can't make it down to see you i person

  2. Kayla C says:

    I've never seen anyone eat Avacado and fish like you do XD
    It makes me cry thinking about how I'm allergic to Avacado's XD

  3. Joel Richardson says:

    Love your channel man. I’ve been watching for a long time I’m not sure how long but I love watching ur videos. All I know is that I’ve been watching before the sea flea video when u caught them and ate them

  4. Juankie says:

    Love this channel keep up the good work been watching you for almost half a year now BUTTER!!!!!

  5. 金3 A.M. says:

    I agree about fish and avocado, i don't like avocado at all but when it's in sushi or with fresh cooked fish it's amazing

  6. Clint N says:

    Im not local…but i watch you!!! and i spread the word on facebook….i live in syracuse, ny… watching you!!!! can u send a hat? ill pay for a nice one…..

  7. Jakob Guerra says:

    I never fished befor but is it safe to fish on a boat that small ?? I'd be scared

  8. Abraxx Rodriguez says:

    Why does he mention that if the fish was a little more inches it would be legal ?? Around the 9:00 marker is where he said that

  9. DOMINO MAN says:

    How to get fatter

    1. Watch this video when your full.

    2. Get hungry again from the video.

    3. Go get you some food.

  10. Janine Omar says:

    Me and my brother always watch you so can you give us a shout out to to Ali vlogs and me

  11. KronicNitron says:

    You Gould clean your rice a lot first with the water from the table by scrubbing with your hands, then you should use less water but that’s me just a helpful comment since you said you had trouble making rice, sticks together

  12. Good catch! That sure-fire method is boiling the rice; I always steam it when I cook rice, and it's perfect every time… BUT I have never cooked rice on an open fire… I'm suddenly hankering for some rice, fish, and avocados… ;P

  13. Catherine Tanguma says:

    If theres one thing i learned throughout any of your videos is…

    Just add butter

  14. Kiing milli says:

    That’s not how you cook 🍚… you put the rice in the pot first then you add the water just enough to cover the rice… then you cook on until the water evaporates then give it low heat so the rice cooks evenly done

  15. jessica kick says:

    the only dislikes are from vegitarians and people who dont like seafood

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