Catch & Cook My Very First Trout Off A Creek

Did my first catch & cook video with my very first trout I’ve caught ever during Trout Heritage Day on a creek at Quantico MCB in Virginia. I went trout fishing at Locust Shade Park the day before, got skunked but picked up a good tip on how to catch stocked trout. Tried again the next day and caught 3 trout. Caught the trout using a split shot rig, size 10 salmon egg hook, and Berkley Powerbait yellow color on ultralight gear with 4lb fluorocarbon line. Brought home the trout and had me a good fresh fish fry for lunch.

I’m not good with identifying trout but comment down below to let me know what kind of trout I caught. Also, let me know the best way to catch and also cook trout.

Music: Jazzaddicts – Cosimo Fogg


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My name is Brian and welcome to ThisDJGoneFishing! I’m a DJ by trade. I used to DJ in the nightclub scene in Washington, DC and have toured the country, but now, I currently run a private events company as well as a DJ school. I picked up fishing back in June 2015 and I’m in love with it ever since. Bare with me while I’m still learning how to fish and at the same time, I’m actually enjoying learning how to edit videos as well. What a great way to combine those two by posting up to you all of my fishing experience so far and who knows, maybe us beginners can all learn how to fish better together.


  1. dreaminsanity says:

    Hey man I am a follower on instagram my name is foot_boyz123 you should give me a little shout out, if it’s not to much. Thank you for your time.

  2. Burlaga Fishing Team says:

    good job, great video and nice channel. I liked & subbed #359, I hope you return the favour and subscribe back to my fishing channel Im getting close to 900.

  3. Manuel S says:

    I am going fish today and I want to go fish there if u don’t mind could u tell me where it is

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