China : A 21st Century Journey | Buddy Hatton Productions

China : A 21st Century Journey | Buddy Hatton Productions

The Dragon Sleeps No More. As China emerges from centuries of isolation, her mysterious and exotic past has finally opened up to outsiders. See the revolutionary positive changes that have just occurred over the past 5 years.

On this unforgettable journey, Buddy Hatton shows you some of the most scenic sites in China: The life-size terra-cotta warriors in Xian, the monumental Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Summer Palace in Bejing, the mighty Yangtze River with its soon-to-be-flooded Three Gorges; a classical Chinese garden and silk factory in Suzhou, and the amazing, energetic metropolis of Shanghai.

China is changing rapidly. Many of her most beautiful and mystical sights will soon be only memories. China is captured forever as she is today in this brilliantly, narrated film.

The Dragon has awakened!

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