Chuck E. Cheese’s Takoma Park, MD Update (July 2018)

This is an update video on the CEC in Takoma Park, Maryland. Woo hoo, it’s been 4 years since I last visited this CEC! And when I visited it was, like, new. Now look how far we’ve come! Since my last visit in August 2014, Chuck has received jeans as a part of the rockstar outfit for Studio C. It also looks like he’s lost his eyelashes! I was on University Blvd this morning and I was like hey didn’t I visit a CEC there in 2014? So I decided to revisit after 4 years and I once again enjoyed a trip to TP. Only thing I’m upset abt is that I didn’t play any games or try the food when I came here bc I was dropped off and I didn’t bring any money bc I thought I was just gonna film the show for a few mins and then leave but ended up staying for quite some time and even looked around the store and found some pretty cool games! It’s a nice store so if you’re in the area and you wanna have some pizza while watching and animatronic mouse perform in front of a cool light up wall and play some nice games, I’d recommend you visit the Takoma Park, Maryland Chuck E. Cheese’s!

This store opened in Spring 2013 with the new(at the time) Circles Of Lights stage show. As you probably know, the COL was the last CEC stage show to include an animatronic at all. CEC stopped putting animatronics in new stores actually right after this store opened! If this store opened any later, they would have been botless meaning I have no reason to visit lol. So yeah unfortunately in May 2013 CEC stopped putting animatronics in stores and there comes in the ‘save our shows’ thing. Getting a little off topic here but it would be cool if CEC started producing animatronics again. Like they are doing some “cool” things with them now and sometimes(VERY occasionally) they’ll put an animatronic in a botless show but that’s it. There’s no new animatronics. :/
Anyways, this CEC was lucky to have received a bot… wait what? Why are they lucky? I was gonna say, “because they got my business” but I didn’t even spend any money lol. I feel bad for not spending money because like I said this was a nice location! And it was a nice and easy morning so no kids screaming or anything. Oh well, I guess I’ll give them a nice google review or something. That’s pretty much it.

© 2018 Big Chuck Productions

  1. Big Chuck says:

    Oh yeah just before anyone comments, "C…C…CCCHUCKE ISIN BAD CONDISION" the air pressure on the animatronic was low. You can tell by the slow movements. His mouth also got stuck open around the end. 😛

  2. Animatronic TV says:

    I was here in 2015 back then the air pressure was in great condition

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