Congo’s trucks (full documentary)

Five times bigger than France, third largest country in Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is, foremost, one of the world’s richest countries in raw materials. There’s cobalt, mainly used in mobile phones and the aeronautics industry, copper, zinc, gold and diamonds in astounding quantities. Our cameras focused on Katanga, a province in the south of the DRC, which has three quarters of the country’s wealth. We accompany Eugene, owner of a truck, laden to the top with goods, that must travel from Lubumbashi, the country’s economic capital, to his native city of Bukama, 400 miles to the north. The journey from Lubumbashi to Bukama takes four days. At the wheel is « the prince of the highway », answering to the name of Domingo, aided by three escorts: Elephant, Bijou and Maroquin. They cling onto the outside of the truck and are the driver’s eyes and ears throughout the journey. We accompanied them for the whole of the trip, a nightmare along almost totally unusable roads, an African remake of the « Wages of Fear » set against a background of organized looting of the country’s wealth by three principal countries: China, India and the USA.

  1. Sarajen says:

    There are times when I come across people who just impress the socks off of me…. and this series of amazing people does it every time…

  2. Sun Shine says:

    This is the saddest state of Congo. The country is rich but money is in the hands of very few. The president and his family are top recipients. Most people live on a dollar a day. They let the infrastructure rot away for the last 50 years. No foreign dare to invest in the country in spite of the lowest labor cost in the world. There are very few workable roads, fuel shortage, power out, little running water…

  3. Austin Friedner says:

    Did the narrator just say they were stuck in that mud pit for 2 plus weeks? Talk about a shipping delay

  4. Michael rushoki says:

    Yeah they even pray before the journey so that tells you all you need to know

  5. tzipi124 says:

    Black man…his worst enemy! What is stopping these people from forming a delegation within each village and putting the conditions to parliament? I'm sure these foreign miners who have heavy duty equipment should be made to fix the roads if they are there to benefit from Congo's natural resources! I'm absolutely disgusted by Domingo's behaviour as well. He should've saved money to pay for his food because he had to be paid by Eugene before he embarked on the journey. Mankind can be so cruel to each other!

  6. Mickael Williams says:


  7. FetusChrist says:

    OK if you all can drink together ,, dance together and act a fool together ,, FIX THE ROADS AND COUNTRY TOGETHER !!! hello Mc.Fly .. i hear a whole lot of complaints but NO solutions put forth . They can't seem to stop bitching about how bad it is and actually fix the problems .I hear a lot of "If they would" this , "if they would" that and the other thing . How about…Insert "We" into that sentence and stop giving a shit about what others Aren't doing and worry about what you ARE doing . If i were that trucker , i would put some of my money into these towns and hire workers to fix the roads . Do what a lot of countries do and make Toll roads . There are a many ways you can gain that first investment back …. Better yet all the truckers group together and collectively they can fund the repair bill and earn more in the long run . These people are so poor and don't seem to dislike actual work for pay and i am positive (if logic and planning are used) this could be done fairly cheap and within a season or 2 .After that, its a pittance to pay for upkeep .

  8. mOejOe33 says:

    Let's be honest, everything seen here is far from what is considered a "road". It'll pass as an overused trail.

  9. San Htun says:

    Have you ever seen Truck needs to stop around every 10 miles to cool down tires by splashing with water?

  10. Mike Borelli says:

    are there any places on the African continent that don't suck to live, really? (this is not intended to be a rhetorical question) but I don't expect an answer as it is clear what the answer actually is.

  11. Gasp Gasp says:

    if it is RD Congo, why did you put just Congo, don't you know that there are two Congo's?

  12. chochopav says:

    One of the richest countries on natural resources and does not even have a decent infrastructure…Go figure!

  13. grIm Sincere says:

    Grateful to hear the men and the villagers pray. Encouraged my heart! Thank you.

  14. GeeNo Geeses says:

    Paradise ! No network, no speedlimit. No government, no Babylonian magic !

  15. Unconforming Truther says:

    This is fucking nuts, how can that useless bloody fucking government fail at something so basic as building a decent road


    I wonder whether this road has not yet been constructed by the chinese

  17. Ryan Smith says:

    What a gigantic clusterfuck this entire video is. Good lord I couldn't even imagine living there. I really couldn't.

  18. James Bell says:

    These people are to lazy to pull their heads outa their ass and fill in the holes in the road with branches, rocks, dirt, anything to make it easier to get trucks through.

  19. Jean P. G. says:

    So the roads were paved when the Europeans had these areas as colonies. But the stupid blacks let them go to waste. Those damn blacks are worse than animals. They don't maintain anything, ever.

  20. Project Assistant Adjumani says:

    Feeling so sad for what is happening in Democratic republic of Congo and south Sudan, we have to stop this unnecessary fighting,it is women, children and elderly people that suffer a lot during conflict and it not easy to be a refugees.

  21. Malesh K says:

    Amazing people indeed. However I have several questions? What does it take to bring about change? Enough hardship? Or do we sometimes fall in love with the romance of the problem and find it "comforting" to comment about how bad things are (coz it validates that we are strong and can withstand much) or angry enough to start using brains over brawn?
    Is it impossible for us to come up with solutions? i.e … the truckers know the conditions of the roads but they are not coming up with solutions to improve them? I am not talking about tarmac paving, but there is more than enough labour, digging tools and rocks to make better???

  22. Noot Noot says:

    These people make our Canadian show Ice Road Truckers look like baby shit

  23. wilson lawson says:

    You could teach chimps to do manual labour but they would quickly refuse to do it.

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