Creepiest Looking Mythical Creatures

Every country in the world has their own mythical creatures and legends, from the downright creepy through to the scariest creatures you’ve ever laid eyes on. Where some of the legends truly began is anyone’s guess, but today we scratch the surface of just some of the creepiest mythical creatures from around the world!

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10 – Hide and Seek…
It’s going to take a lot of searching before you can defeat the Koschei. This story comes from Slavic mythology, and tells the tale of Koschei the Deathless, who tries to woo the hero’s wife and is unsuccessful. It might have had something to do with the fact that he’s a sadist, he’s seriously old, ugly, immortal and has been recorded as turning people into a walnut. Yep, a walnut. The only way to destroy him is to destroy his soul, which is hidden in the form of a needle, which is inside an egg, inside a duck, inside a hare, inside an iron box, buried underneath a tree on a mythical island. Happy searching!

9 – Block your ears!
This is an Inuit story about the Qalupalik, a mythical creature that is part human and part mermaid. But she’s nothing like the beautiful mermaids you know of, she’s got green skin and disgustingly long fingernails. Her claim to fame is to lure children closer to the water by humming to them, once they’re there, she kidnaps them. Some believe she eats them, while others believe she feasts off their youth so she can preserve her own beauty.

8 – Red or blue?
This would be the most difficult decision of your life if you were faced with the Aka Manto. This Japanese character asks a very simple question, but do note, you will be inside a bathroom stall when you’re posed with the question. The question is simply, red or blue paper? So, what happens when you say red? Well, you’re sliced into smithereens until you’re basically red. And blue? You’re strangled till you turn blue. Note to self, never use a public bathroom in Japan… ever!

7 – Insatiable Appetite…
Here’s another Native American mythical creature that stems from Iroquois myths. They are basically dismembered heads, flying around looking for their next meal of human flesh. And because they don’t have a body that can store food, they are always hungry, which means they’re spending eternity hunting for flesh. Some stories claim that anyone who partook in cannibalism would turn into a flying head as punishment.

6 – Run and hide…
Lithuania has upped the game on the boogeyman, and they’ve got the Baubas. This creature is demon-like with fiery red eyes, skinny arms and ultra-wrinkly fingers. If your kids misbehave, it’s the Baubas that will come and get them. He likes to hide in the dark corners of your home or underneath your carpets. He watches your every move! Sweet dreams.

5 – Meet Lou…
Yep, this freaky mythical creature is named Lou! Lou is a snail monster. Lou likes to live underground. Lou likes to snap at you and then paralyze you. Lou is hairy and slimy. Lou likes to eat you. Lou, thank goodness for most us, lives in the south of France. Lou is not welcome here anymore! Cheers Lou.

4 – The calm before the storm…
Over in Northern Scandinavia there’s an interesting tale about the Jörmungandr. Thought to live in the great sea of Midgard, this ancient sea serpent may not cause outright harm to you or I, but it has the potential to, should it choose to go that way. This creature can grow so huge that it can envelop the entire world, and when it let’s go – the world will just crumble into nothing – like it never existed.

3 – The beast of the east…
I reckon if the Kekkai was known around the world, women may think twice before giving birth. In Japan there’s a legend that says a woman could potentially give birth to a monster or a demon. They’re known as Sankei. The worst sankei that can be birthed is the Kekkai. Instead of a baby, out will come a lump of flesh, blood and hair, which then somehow runs away and burrows itself underneath the mother’s house, only to take her life later. Quite a traumatic experience, wouldn’t you say?

2 – Here be monsters…
Finland is home to its fair share of mythical creatures and one of the scariest has to be Iku-Turso. A rough translation would be “the eternal Turso.” This deep-sea dweller has a vague resemblance to an octopus, but is able to grow dragon wings if you provoke him. Generally, they keep to themselves, but these hotheaded creatures are known to snap and that’s when things go horribly wrong.


  1. Σταυρος Μητσιανης says:

    Amazing work! But do mind that cerberus is the guardian of the underworld (hades realm) not hydra

  2. AmericanEagleYT says:

    Side when was the Hydra the guardian of the Underworld? I thought she just lived in a swamp.

  3. Cookiecux Gaea says:

    Mananaggal also known as Tik-tik cause of the sound it makes while flying. It has a thin elongated tubular-like tongue that can be used as a trunk to suck blood and eat. Aswang is a generic term for all types of ghouls, mananangals, witches.

  4. a moon says:

    Does the Iroquois one have a name? I sat up when you showed those depictions. A flying head that looks much too similar to those drawings appeared in one of my nightmares as a child. I still think about it from time to time 20 years later.

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