Damming the Nile in 360 Video: Episode 2 – BBC News

For millennia, Egypt has been the great power on the Nile, but Ethiopia’s new dam is changing the balance of power on this great river. Sudan finds itself in the middle of the tussle, welcoming the cheap power and reduced flooding the dam will provide. In part two of the BBC News Virtual Reality documentary series “Damming The Nile,” viewers will be transported to the great farming projects of Sudan, taken to meet the country’s richest man, and join the discussion at a Khartoum street café. After a flying visit to a festival on the banks of the Nile, you will explore ancient Sudanese pyramids before launching in a balloon over Luxor – Egypt’s historic valley – to find out how much this river means to the land of the pharaohs. You’ll hear tough talk from a minister in Cairo over the Ethiopian dam, and fear in the Delta where farmers and fishermen will lose their livelihoods if the water level falls.

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  1. Luke Maunsell says:

    Could do it as a standard piece but oh no you had to ruin it!!! I hate 360 bids!!

  2. Siri Erieott says:

    360 works really well. Puts you there.
    A dam is the least of the worries for Ethiopia, Sudan & Egypt. Global warming will be diminishing their outputs far more severely with droughts, heat and then flash floods.

  3. 支那豚消灭 says:


  4. Super Hans says:

    I'm watching in 1080 but the quality is really bad did you buy the camera from some dirty Sudanese market?

  5. 휘모리 휘모리 says:

    화면을 터치해서
    보고싶은 방향을 볼수가 있네

  6. Tell Truth says:

    Is BBC desperate for news? Ethiopia is about to inaugurate the dam. Sorry, but there will be no war.

  7. Victoria Gautier says:

    These are groundbreaking for documentaries. I would love to see more of these. I can't imagine the planet Earth series in something amazing like this. Please keep making more. The resolution is great when you turn it up.

  8. danny sulyma says:

    I tried both Nile 360 videos and found the sound so shit that BBC earned a thumbs down, replace your sound people.

  9. Brother Ares says:

    So the incredibly poor Ethiopia is spending billions on the dam, but one Muslim explody boi from Egypt can bring the whole thing down.

  10. micael area says:

    Dialogue.Dialogue.Dialogue. Let not hyperbole divide us. I think Al Sisi has been very levelheaded given the sensitivity of the Nile River. Pry that coolness prevails . In the grand scheme of life we are are just a blip in the cosmos.

  11. Tedros Alem Hadush says:

    The documentary seems okay but … some suspicion questions:
    1) You have included the whole view of GERD (On going project) even including the animation of it which I don't have complain about, but What is the reason that you couldn't give few seconds for Merowe (Sudan) and Aswan Dam (Egypt) in your documentary?
    2) You have showed that how the Sudanese are using the water and even you have mentioned where the investors came from, But the question is what about the Egyptians? How are they using it? what are they using it for? who are the investors?
    3) I think it is good that you have done your part to show that what is causing tension between these three countries but it would be more clear to the viewers if you could report; how much percent each countries are using currently? What are they using it for? how the on going project might have effect?

    Thank you ~~~

  12. ANDROMEDA I says:

    Probably one of the coolest ways to view a news story i have seen. As you watch you can pan the view in 360.

  13. bircruz555 says:

    Egypt is scared that its past adventures upstream on Ethiopian soil will come back and bite it on its behind. Egypt is projecting its guilty conscience on Ethiopia, that Ethiopia will take revenge on it. It can, but why would it want to? Egypt will torture itself kingdom come.

  14. Roman BRuni says:

    brilliant ' damming the Nile…' 360 experience amazing !
    loved the enhanced possibility to watch further away from main camera focus.
    although missed translation… this is a creative powerquake as 360 doc program !

  15. Dinkbeyesus Yacob says:

    At 8:20 the song is an Ethiopian orthodox song it is an Amharic song🙂not Sudanese !! Should be corrected. I don’t get the link between this good song and the pyramid.
    However, 360 vedio is nice experience

  16. Ermias Berhanu says:

    I wonder how much the journalist were paid from the egyptian government to do such a one sided and impartial documentary ….fake and impartial news from bbc again ….always happy to see africans at war …still not free of zat colonial thinking …i hope egyptians, ethiopians and sudanese talk and find a solution ….but a very poor and useless journalism from bbc …

  17. Lidia Soloman says:

    This narrative is getting old, the only
    Country objecting is Egypt for
    Political reasons, Egypt
    Is allied with US/Saudi &
    Ethiopia with china for trade &
    Signed an agreement with 8 countries on the Nile. So Egypt verse 1/5 of Africa is loss loss. Fav quote, "Ethiopia built a dam @ time of Arab spring,& didn't tell them of the size"
    Let's blame Ethiopia for the down fall of Egypt & incompetency. 2018 Ethiopian dam is filling with water, Egypt is still complaining 🙉🙈

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