Day Trip to Cape Arago State Park on the Oregon Coast (2017/18 Snowbird Trip)

See videos from our previous Bandon Oregon Visit –

Continuing our slow trek up the Oregon coast near the completion of our 2017/18 Snowbird journeys –

In this video, I show you some video clips and photos from our day trip to Cape Arago State Park on the Oregon Coast. I also display some dashcam footage from Sunset Bay SP campground and the Sunset Bay beach.

This is one of the most pristine and rugged sections of the coast and the spring day was just fabulous. Clear blue skies and mild temps. We were able to witness hoards of sea lions on the rocks and islands just offshore.

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  1. Elaine Magliacane says:

    Great shots, such beautiful blues and greens in the water… very cool to see the sea lions.

  2. TheBuddy1939 says:

    It always amazes me your camera can zoom out so far and when you zoom back in you see how far your shot was.

  3. Michael P says:

    Wow so beautiful Ray you do such a good job of making these videos Sweet and cheers

  4. Hike a Photo says:

    Ray, you made some photos that would look great on a wall, :)… Good you are enjoying state camps!

  5. Russ B says:

    Need to get a deadcat wind muff for your audio….the sun actually does come out in Oregon and Washington once and awhile I see…..

  6. Leonard says:

    Hi Ray. I noticed comments about wind noise and the use of a built-in stereo mic on your camera. I'd like to offer an inexpensive solution. You can use double sided tape and fake fur to create a custom windscreen. I'm not sure of the configuration for your camera, but video 45FX8lWLeiA is a good example of how to cover the mics on a flat surface.

  7. rhmrr01 says:

    I am glad they take care of the wild life….it gets my 'seal' of approval…lol

  8. Arbitrary Exploration says:

    I am really enjoying this journey up the Oregon Coast! It is so beautiful! I am learning quite a but as well!

  9. Plymouth Man says:

    Ray, how do you know when plotting out a back roads trip that you won't run into a sharp turn that you can't make with your trailer? Have you ever been stuck on a road and have to back track out? Thanks for sharing.

  10. RV Legal Eagle & Paws says:

    Nice editing of the still shots. What editing program do you use?

  11. The Southern Lady says:

    Beautiful video my friend! Great to see your wife in them. Happy travels!

  12. Fantastic video and photos Ray! You are making me so antsy to get out there to explore the Oregon coastline!

  13. Done Dennison says:

    Shore Acres is awesome, at Christmas they do lights that make the park a delight at night.

  14. Ray Cordero says:

    Great video Ray! We will be heading that way in the fall. Have you had to reserve spots in your current and previous stays in Oregon SPs?

  15. Joe Allen says:

    Last time we were up there in that area, we froze! Middle of July to boot! Brrrrr!

  16. says:

    Hey Ray, love your videos. Just wanted to know what camera do you use for your videos?

  17. Julian King says:

    I am a local to this area and it seems you did a good job of hitting the prime day trips. Shore Acres is a wonderful sight if you can make it back with a dog sitter.

  18. Todd Ramsay says:

    Have you ever done any claiming on the OR or WA coast for razor clams or others? I hear they are very tasty if you like shellfish.

  19. Traveller says:

    Ray beautiful video, very informative and just great views. Yup that park would need Houdini behind the wheel to into some of those spots. I kind of liked the wind noise, it adds to what it was like where you are standing. Thanks again.

  20. Carolyn & Colin Hogarth says:

    Love those pictures today and the falls was so beautiful. Have a great day tomorrow. Carolyn & Colin Hogarth

  21. Micki Chikwinya says:

    At Sunset Beach, go to the far right to explore tide pools during low tide. Watch the tide so it doesn't catch you.

  22. Beautiful tour and photos Ray! Thanks for bringing us along. That park did look pretty tight to get in and out of.

  23. Travel Small Live Big says:

    Nice! Kind of weird, but your footage of Sunset Bay State Park made it look really packed together – we stayed there last year and liked it – our neighbors to the East were a little close, but the ones to the West were far enough away. Our trailer is smaller – a 19' Rpod, so maybe it just felt that way! I did do a video on it – also, the beach was totally different – we must have been there on a low tide – really cool little pools our dog sat it and old tree stumps – cool place! Enjoyed this – thank you!

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