The Film Office provides the lead location for new TV drama “River”

Written and created by award-winning Abi Morgan, tonight is the arrival of KODUS’s latest work. RIV is a brand new six-part drama series. It will air on BBC.

The actor from the movie The Girl with the Dragon tattoo, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor, The Avengers, Stellan Skarsgard portrays as John River, a police officer whose imagination and ability is the frailty of his mind.


The 9 storey office is the main location of the series. It is based in the heart of Canary Wharf. The Film Office has a main role in helping the production of RIVER in finding a perfect location. Director Richard Laxton had the opportunity to make a mixture of stark metallic and a glass structure in the location across a backdrop of a classic Canary Wharf views with waterway and skylines.


“Throughout our 8 month run of filming on “River” a great of our location work took place in Tower Hamlets particularly at River’s Police Headquarters in Canary Wharf. Aiding for a mutually agreeable 6 months period at an office location due for demolition would always come with its challenges. Patrick Stuart of our location manager, worked hard with The Film Office to ensure all aspects of our shoot requirements were met in line with the Location’s needs; bearing in mind that filming was not their primary business. At all times the RIVER production office and The Film Office maintained strong lines of communication so that our goals met and our shoot a success.” said Alison Barnett, Head of Production.

Patrick Stuart, the Location Manager said in an interview, “ I worked closely with The Film Office at the same time with the Location Manager of RIVER. We shot most of the series in Tower Hamlets. The borough has such a great variety of locations, both council and private, that show the diverse and vibrant life that is typical of London. We were ably assisted by The Film Office team for our permits, parking, locations and other aspects to deliver on all we needed.”

The stages of River’s grief has made a scar that is growing to those people he has excluded from his heart and mind, while one murder suspect pursued by River died, the pressure and investigation that surrounds him intensified fast.


One of the closest of River has been murdered. Steve’s murder investigation had revealed a lot of her deepest secrets, which made River question their relationship.

“River is a fractured mind navigating a brutal world. And he does it wearing a police badge. I can’t think of a home for it than the BBC. The chance to tell big stories in  a bold way on a channel that embraces so many writers, directors and actors I admire and respect is a big treat.”

“Actors are agents of change. They carry the vision of an entire creative team. A show like River needs a broad shoulder and I cannot think of anyone better than Stellan Skarsgard to take on this challenge and lead this brilliant cast,” said Abi Morgan, an Emmy-award writer.

The Executive producers of River are, Jane Featherstone, Manda Levin, and Abi Morgan for Kudos Film and Television and Lucy Richer for the BBC and were by BBC’s controller one Charlotte Moore and Ben Stephenson from BBC’s Drama Commissioning.

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