Ford Farm – The Valley The old Farm – Farming Simulator 17 – Episode 8

Ford Farm – The Valley The old Farm – Farming Simulator 17 – Episode 8 – Tonight we have some grass cutting going on. We are gonna save up and buy some cows in the next few episodes, so we are grinding a little silage to prime the pump. We put all the equipment to good use during this series.

  1. Robert Langford says:

    Selling dilate is not cheating. How can t be? It's part of the game and doesn't require mods.

  2. Marcus Crawford says:

    Only thing Ford made that was boss is the 302, 351, and the 429…Never heard of a 6 cylinder boss lol maybe its a crate 6 cylinder they came out with idk

  3. William Tessier says:

    Hey Arthur long time no chat. I see your channel is doing very well, congrats! I hope you can help me, i'm having the worst time installing mods in my FS 17 , and i don't know why. You have more time in this game than anyone i know so perhaps you can give me some advice besides uninstall you old foggie, LOL.

  4. bigtallman94 says:

    Shes doing great, she had to spend one night in the hospital while they got the pain from the surgery under control. She back to cooking dinner and sitting out side with the dog and the cats. But she great. Think you all for your prays.

  5. bigtallman94 says:

    I play this map on seasons I have over 20 hours so far and I am prepping my field for next spring. I am using it as a seasons cow farm

  6. Bradley Muro says:

    I don't understand y people think silage bales r cheating their r plenty of farmers that sell silage or trade silage for profit or for something that they need for their farm…..IN REAL LIFE!

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