Groom Cries When Bride Surprises Him with Ukulele Song

As the groom, this was the best day of my life – when Jamie (my bride) not only wrote me the most heartfelt vows but she surprised me by playing our favorite song on the ukulele (In The Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel). Of course I cried like a baby multiple times that day during our beautiful wedding elopement in Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Wedding videography by Andy Slye:

When I first met Jamie, one of the things I quickly learned was that she loves Lord of the Rings. So I knew if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her I had to be introduced to the LOTR world. During one of our first Christmas breaks together we binge-watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended editions only; that was her rule) and I quickly became a fan as well.

So when I proposed to her in Scotland, the engagement ring I gave her was actually from the original maker of The Ring in Peter Jackson’s movie – the jeweler is Jens Hansen (amazing company if you ever need a gorgeous ring). The Engagement Ring has an Elvish scripture on it that says “One ring to show our love, and forever to entwine us.”

Of course she said Yes (if you’re on the Scottish cliffs of Neist Point at sunset it’s hard to say No). When it came time to buy my wedding ring, we both knew that I was going to get the same ring from Jens Hansen, except with a thicker band. We absolutely love the rings.

As we were searching for locations for our wedding, we knew we wanted an “elopement” style wedding out in nature, preferably near cliffs and trees and overlooks because as you can tell we love that stuff. We instantly fell in love with the beauty of Red River Gorge, Kentucky with its scenery that slightly resembles parts of Middle Earth.

What we DIDN’T know is that when we wrote our own personal secret vows to each other, we both referenced Lord of the Rings in our vows! But not only that, we referenced the same two characters in a very similar way. We couldn’t help but laugh (and cry) when we said our vows to each other.

I hope you enjoy our wedding film as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Thanks for watching!

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