How to get gas in Europe – Germany Motorhome Road Trip Pt 2 – Vanlife & Caravanning Tips & Tricks

Soooo, how do you get motorhome gas in Europe? Google says it’s impossible as the gas bottles in Europe don’t fit our UK motorhome system. Should we panic? Should we cut our Germany road trip short?? Of course not. We’ll show you how to get gas whilst travelling in Europe…

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In April 2018 we went on a road trip around Germany in our motorhome. Here’s Part 2 (which ALSO doesn’t actually feature Germany at all… sorry!)

Part 1 can be found here:

For more details about our travels, visit – there’s a map on here which shows all the locations we stayed at & visited along our trip.

In this video, we discover we have no gas- & realise we forgot to install our refillable gas bottles (yep- we really messed up!) It’s Easter Monday, nowhere is open and Google says it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get refillable gas bottles to fit a UK system… so what do we do??






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In 2017, our family travelled Europe in a motorhome. When we returned, we decided we liked it so much we wanted to do it again! So we traded in the van for a bigger model, quit (one of) our jobs and in 2018 we’re heading off to explore Europe again- proper RV living!

We started with Germany and then moving on to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and many more. We hope you can follow our journey!


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  1. Mike, Rohan & Poppy says:

    Hmmmm, gas, petrol and electric cable in the same locker! 😳

  2. Andrea Balderstone says:

    This was really useful Kat as we are hiring a campervan in September to go to France and Switzerland. We will be there for 3 weeks and I have been worried about what we do if our gas runs out. Are the French bottles expensive? We are hoping to get a refillable tank when we buy our own van, so hopefully it will be much simpler. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Ken MacIver says:

    I can foresee a big gas exchange cage at le Cite Calais, French MoHo's picking up a calor bottle and UK MoHo's picking up a Le cube or whatever.

  4. Martin Davies says:

    I'll not do the "swinging" doggy area innuendos lol, another great video Kat, big 👍x

  5. bob parker says:

    When we went to Europe we had 2 calor bottles and a 907.  Two fittings, used the 907 first then over to the calor until 907 replaced.  It is not the cheapest way but you survive.Self filling is the way to go but have the fill valve on the outside of the motorhome as in the UK it is auto gas and some service stations don't allow you to replenish your bottles

  6. Unofficial Bucket List Family says:

    Glad you guys so did things down!!! In New Zealand they call Petro for the car and in the USA we say gas ⛽️ for can be a little confusing while traveling in New Zealand and you ask somebody where the gas station in???

  7. Arbitrary Exploration says:

    This was fascinating! I really learned a lot about why you shouldn't assume everywhere has the same system.

  8. campingboy says:

    Interesting. The EU managed to eliminate customs at each internal border yet agreeing on a common gas fitting system seems beyond scope! Quite the headache for travelers. Glad you found a quick way to solve your gas crisis and managed to get back on the road quickly. What did you do with your tank you removed?

  9. Slow Cooked Adventures says:

    You got off easy! My motorhome is so old that I had no way of connecting the French screw on tail to my system. In the end I had to order a UK propane regular from the UK and have it shipped over to France. And then after all that, my fridge still didn't want to work on gas! It took me about 10 days in all to get sorted and it's still not quite right – I'm having more work done on my fridge in another 3 weeks:-(

  10. Macktheknife11 says:

    Name the van "Gasless Gerty." 😂

    Love your videos. 😊

  11. Touring Tastebuds says:

    oh man I am sorry! That is a pain.Glad it ended up getting fixed atleast, hope there are no more hiccups!

  12. Fat Tommo says:

    Glad you got the gas sorted but I'm suprised that your were not sure if that large bottle was enough.
    We used 3x 7kg bottles last year and that was with 9 weeks away and about 20 weekends a in our motorhome.
    I contemplated a 're fill system but we just don't use enough gas to justify it…… yet! 😉

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