Kev in Thailand, Bangkok the Rome Restaurant and Kareoke Rooms, Vlog 278

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Google map link to the Rome Restaurant

Here are the links to the Vloggers channels at the party.
Warren Gerdes the Birthday Boy 1st of course 🙂

Thailand Unplugged, Stephen and Meaw

Live Travel Asia, Ethan, new boy and good channel

Eyes of a Thai, Nid cute as fuck but Bryans wife… 🙂

Pattaya Droner, Not cute as fuck but Nids husband the lucky man !

20 seconds in Thailand, Thailand Rob, Good funny guy !

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  1. Balmain Boy says:

    Happy birthday Warren ,good to see fellow vloggers getting along with each other ,keep up the great work

  2. andy stubbs says:

    hi kev wow kool place I see every one had there camera out blowing out the candles vloggers convention hehe

  3. Great White Shark says:

    Kevin tell Warren not to give up vlogging for singing he ain`t gonna make it! Awesome vlog!

  4. โปล์ ดั้มส์ says:

    Damn that old man is same old like me,,,nice Stphen and Meaw is there to,,good vlogg Kev,,👍🏻up.

  5. David Queen says:

    Nice one Kev. I like these type of videos even more than the ones you pulled. I was never one for hanging around the other type of bars. Keep em coming. I’m starting to think I could maybe make it over to Thailand next year if things go right for a couple weeks.

  6. Mike Flowers says:

    Hi Kev, great party I guess the theme was a white shirt or dress. Who organized the party?

  7. Bernard Bredhauer says:

    Fabulous looking place and not a bad night out by the looks of it Kev. Thanks for sharing mate.

  8. Andy Baker says:

    yes its very nice place have walked passed it many times on my walks , big market across the road ,

  9. cloudtoground says:

    I guess a lot of Thai women like that karaoke. I wouldn't want to be in the same room with that type of thing. Interesting vid.

  10. Paul Samuelson says:

    Beautiful restaurant Kev.  Looks like you all had a great night out and a lot of fun.  How was the food?

  11. Boogaloo B says:

    Can anyone confirm did a certain so called vlogger who is bold and used to live in chiang mai get beat up in phuket recently? There is a photo of him covered in claret and a few other vloggers have said something about it but the guy in question hasnt mentioned it and i cant see a video anywhere? I am dying to know it would make my day if it is indeed true! Anyone?

  12. Ashley D says:

    Looks great, Though the band, sounded crap, lol
    , shame , if I knew you were in bkk, you could have crashed out at my condo,, its empty at the moment.

  13. MrAlcho02 says:

    Mate that looked fantastic, and for 1600Bht for room hire amazing, thanks for the upload we true subscribers like to see places like this 👍👍2 thumbs up

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