Landbased fishing Batemans Bay NSW

This was my first lure fishing trip to Batemans Bay in NSW, I will be heading back to the area a few times this year fishing, so this is going to be a semi regular fishing location to add to your watch list.

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Filmed on a GoPro Hero 5 black

I will be making further videos when I catch fish or some other interesting stuff happens when I am out.

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  1. Fish Finder says:

    There seems to be a lot of fish around those rocks. Subscribed… hopefully you will enjoy the content on my channel enough to do the same.

  2. Snapper Fishing Tackle says:

    cracking place good video , should get a $20 lapel microphone and record audio to your phone .. will crank your video's even more .. gopro sound sucks .. cheer keep up the good work

  3. Fishing Coz I Can Mate says:

    hey hey,,,,, thanks for the shout out,,,,,,,, new motor is on my boat so next time you are here it will be land fish tv from a boat ah aha ah aha,,,,, great video,,,,, added a few more things in there love it

  4. TBL 123 says:

    I caught my first fish under that bridge, about 30m to your left…..

    Also did any1 else notice the massive stingray at 3.35, bottom left corner….

  5. tien hoan nguyen says:

    Nice catches mate and what kind of oil do you use on plastic lures mate.

  6. Thelure Fisho says:

    this guy is the perfect exampale that you dont need $500 fishing gear or some high quality line or lure to have some fun and catch some fish👍 recentley discovered your channel and have really been enjoying your video!!👍

  7. Ty Ler says:

    Excellent vid! Take a look at and subscribe to our channel! We have some awesome new fishing videos coming soon!!

  8. Sfabariah Husin says:

    4:33 Aussie call that fish Oscar? We call it "kuku/bakuku" here in Malaysia. Its very tasty fish, can go $10-20 per kg. They never grow over 2kg in size. By the way, what lure do you use for catching it?

  9. JackVoodoo says:

    i catch GT over 35 kg off the rocks they pull like trains even the little buggers are fighters

  10. Cameron Matthews says:

    The beach sucks fishing the brake wall is an awesome spot to fish

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