Largest Cities In The World by Population

Largest Cities In The World by Population
Urban centers have been proliferating across the world as large populations settle in cities to take advantage of better economic opportunities, modern infrastructure, and other amenities. Asian cities have particularly recorded outstanding growth, and most of the largest cities are currently situated on the continent such as Shanghai, Beijing, Delhi, Mumbai, Tokyo, Karachi, and Guangzhou. The only African city in the list is Lagos.
Shanghai’s population of 24 million makes it the top populous city proper not only in Asia but the world as well. Shanghai strategically lies in the Yangtze River Delta and the city’s port is ranked as the world’s busiest having handled 37 million TEUs in 2016. Qinglong Town, founded in 746, preceded Shanghai and it grew as a trading port in Imperial China. Shanghai’s economic potential made it a center of conflict in the 19th century as the British and French fought to control the city. The Japanese also invaded Shanghai during the 2nd World War. Shanghai is an economic and trading hub in modern day China, and it has reported double-digit growth since 1992 excluding the global recession of 2008 and 2009. Shanghai’s top three service sectors are real estate, financial services, and retail while manufacturing accounts for about 40% of the total output.
Beijing is the capital of China, and it sits on the North China plain in the country’s north-central region. The city, also called Peking, has an eventful history from being one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China to foreign occupation as well as civil war in the 20th century. Beijing established itself as an industrial sector in the aftermath of the Communist Revolution of 1949. Automobiles, textiles,
The City of Delhi is made up of two regions. Old Delhi lies in the north, and it is the historic Delhi while New Delhi was established in British India as its capital in the 20th century. The national capital territory comprises the two divisions, the surrounding metropolitan area, and also the adjacent rural areas. Delhi is situated on the west bank of the River Yamuna.
Karachi serves as the capital of Sindh Province, and its greater metropolitan area has 14.9 million residents. The city enjoys strategic location on the Arabian Sea, and it is home to Port Bin Qasim and Port of Karachi which are among Pakistan’s largest ports. The city was established as a fortified village in 1729 called Kolachi, and it gained prominence with the occupation of the British.
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