Looking For POISON DART FROGS in Costa Rica at Rana Roja Farm

We hit the organic farm Rana Roja, which is North of Dominical near Eco Chantales, and worked up an appetite for breakfast by exploring the property, searching for Red Poison Dart Frogs, and jumping off waterfalls. We also drove through a river and over some interesting “bridges.”
You can find this place on Google Maps as “Centro Turistico Rancho La Rana Roja.”



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  1. Capitan Bastos says:

    How does it “walk” excactly, a new trunk grows out of the part of the roots with more sun? Like a second tree or what? The water slides look fun. 😂 that chicken or rooster at the farm restaurant was pretty fast. Stay infamous!

  2. Ahimsa Media says:

    My heart nearly stopped at that bridge you drove across.

    That is so cool about the walking palms.

  3. Unstoppable Tramp says:

    The walking Palm was very cool and the frogs too condensing the ants poison. I certainly learn something new every time I click on your vids pal. What an amazing place!
    I like the bit with the black beans, "you can't eat them?" "Why no?" haha.
    Food looked top notch buddy.
    Would be cool to know your setup for filming these cool adventures Monsieur Infamous.

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