Loud Booms From The Volcano, Gabrielle Live From the Jungle

I’m Gabrielle and I live on the Big Island of Hawaii … about 2 miles from where the new volcanic river just began flowing and has taken out 41 houses so far in the Leilani Estates subdivision – making international news. Nobody knows what the volcano will do, however right now helicopters have been hovering close above and are continuously circling us here in the jungle. It’s ok though, because normal was never an option for me in this life and besides, it’s been a great run so far … Traveling the world in search of new hot springs, beaches and waterfalls has been my life’s obsession.
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P.P.S. Sending you LOTS OF ALOHA from my gorgeous home – here on the beautiful island of Hawaii! HOME SWEET HOME! – I WON’T let any little set-backs keep me from pursuing my dreams because now I know for sure that DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!

  1. Chris Tee says:

    very hot jungle out there, baby! A big boom!
    You're so beautiful and nice… love to see some more jungle video's

  2. Liquor Systems of Utah says:

    Be safe. Mahalo for sharing this. Grew up North shore Oahu, Kahuku area. Aloha

  3. Gamer Noob says:

    My penis needs something wet and moist right now it is crazy !! I have a very hard penis right now !!

  4. Significant Funk says:

    Be safe out there, thanks for making a really good video 🙂

  5. Will Kiser says:

    Wow!!!!! What a great set of tits honey. Love to kiss both gorgeous armpits and tits. Yummmm . love you.🌹 😙😙😙😙

  6. sexy sxey says:

    And you how your ass I think I want to sit on my face I will feel perfectly happy

  7. Phillip Dingle says:

    Aloha Gabrielle!! Funtastic video, I saw er I mean heard those BIG booms!! 😉 Watching all this on the news is incredible but being there so close to all that volcanic action must be so intense, stay safe!
    Great outfit for keeping cool in all that heat!! 😉

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