Making fish trap with bricks and plastic tubes, kids got big fishes.

Making fish trap with bricks and plastic tubes, kids got big fishes.
Thank you for watching our TH Daily Video Channel.
We’re living in Mekong river delta, Vietnam and in our channel, we want to show you lifestyle of people who live in the countryside of south Vietnam, especially the life of poor children. Watch through our videos, you could know how they live, how the people here find for their food.
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– Digging snake hole, a little boy catches a big snake.
– Amazing! Little children catch big fish.
– Wow! What a big snake! Children catch a big snake with trap.
– Children making delicious grilled fish in bamboo tube.
– Wow! With a simple snake trap, the kids catch big snake.
– Cooking snake with coconut: a luxury meal of poor children.
– Catching fish in the canal: the fun of children in countryside.
– Have you ever eaten mouse meat? Let try. How delicious it is!
– Clever kids! Catch big fish with fish trap.
– Amazing! Brave kids catch big snakes.
– Kids cook snake with papaya: a special meal.
– Amazing! Kids catch big fishes with fishing net.
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– Scooping water off the canal, kids catch big fish.
– Fried snake: Big meal of poor children.
– Kids catch mouse for food and protect rice crop
– Amazing kids! Catching big snakes with fishing net.
– Catch big fish in the canal.
– Good boy catches fish and have grilled fish.
-Wow! kids make trap, catch big turtle.
– Big frog. Kids catch frogs in the marsh with bamboo trap.

– Frog meat. Young beautiful girl cooks frog for poor children.

– Wow! What a big fish. Kids make trap catch big catfish.

– Hunting mouse, kids catch a pair of big snakes.

– Kids make fish trap in the marsh, catch big cat fish.

– City beautiful girl cook dried crab with tamarind for poor children.

– Poor people catch mouse for food and protect their rice crop.

– Cooking mouse, poor kids make their favorite meal themselves.

– Wow! Amazing fishing. Children catch big fish in Mekong river delta.

– Amazing! Smart boy catch big snake in the hole.

– Wow! Beautiful girl cooking fish for poor children.

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