Mao Cai (& Cooking Oil in China) // Chengdu: City of Gastronomy 42

One of the best things you can eat in Chengdu is Mao Cai, the “instant hot pot” dish that you don’t have to cook yourself. It really is one of my favorite Sichuan meals. Simply put, it’s a bunch of meat and vegetables boiled in a flavorful broth and then covered in a spicy sauce. It’s an easy meal out if you are a tourist and can’t speak Chinese. All of the items are laid out in a cooler and you pick which ingredients you want, keeping the meat and the vegetables separate (because they are different prices), and then they weigh it up and tell you the cost.

A short time later and you’ll be chopstick deep in a souped up bowl, fighting off the spice, and pulling out your favorite slices of meat, vegetable, and tofu.

Of course, almost every spicy dish in Sichuan comes with a generous helping of chili oil, and mao cai is no different. Oil can not be avoided in Sichuan province. There is so much of it that you’re likely to see men wheeling big blue barrels of used oil out of restaurants in the evening.

Being the ever-inquisitive person that I am, I decided to follow the oil to see where they were taking it.

My adventure led me down a path that I wish I didn’t take. A real problem in China is gutter oil – people taking used oil and refining it, boiling it, filtering it, repackaging it, and selling it as new oil. It’s very illegal – you could be executed for doing it – but it still remains a problem in the country. Since I’m living in probably the oiliest province in China (a single hot pot might use over a kilogram of oil), this is a huge concern for me. Gutter oil can cause indigestion, insomnia, and can even lead to stomach or liver cancer. The Chinese government have be taking huge steps to clean up the oil industry, but as we all know – oil isn’t an easy thing to wipe up.

Well, after all that gutter oil talk you probably want a high end restaurant to try mao cai in.
One place that’s popular with the locals…
Restaurant: 川渝双骄 – Chuān yú shuāng jiāo
Address: 望平街134号 – 134 Wangping Street

A more exciting option that people can’t get enough of goes by the name Wúmíng mào cài, which means Nameless Mao Cai. This pretty much literal hole-in-the-wall does things a bit differently. They sell portions of ingredients (rather than weight). There is less selection, but the flavor is incredible. Just point at the bowls you want and you should be eating amazing food in no time.
Address: 西二道街19号附1(近金色夏威夷) – 19 West 2nd Street
Note: only open from 10:30-2PM

Or you can just watch for the symbols: 冒菜
There are many mào cài places all over Chengdu.

In this series, I am eating my way through a deck of cards. I bought a deck of food themed playing cards that feature a different Sichuan dish on every card. Every week I’ll shuffle the deck and pick one random card to hunt down and sample. Chengdu was the first Asian city to be named a UNESCO City of Gastronomy. It’s full of incredible food – a lot of which you probably don’t know about.

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The weekly video will be posted every Thursday at 3PM EST until all 54 cards have been tried.

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  1. gu zhan says:

    For this little much, cost 47 RMB? i can easily finish it on my own. i cant afford to live in chengdu anymore

  2. Yi-hsiu Li says:

    Man, I have to say you've really got guts because you have had gutter oil.

  3. THIN AIR says:

    Can you just bring some of your own cooking oil and give to kitchen to cook your food for you next time? I would do that if I ever go there.

  4. Toai Guong Jin says:

    I know some Sichuan dish way too much oil, dumb as hell, what waste especially lot Chinese make 1 dollar day, hihihih. It shows Chinese just blindly enjoy, know nothing else like politics, history, civilization, culture, science, humanity, economy etc…

  5. Toai Guong Jin says:

    I'm Chinese American, but I have to admit Chinese take out restaurants or fast Chinese restaurants are dirty or reuse oil or bad meat cut due after I ate feel uncomfortable even sick, I'm embarrassed about that, I've cheap America restaurants like fast food, not cheap any way like fast Chinese food not as bad at all due they have big name, franchises, so don't want get sued.

  6. Toai Guong Jin says:

    I'm shocked people would do anything for money even Chinese my people too, very disgusting personality I bet.

  7. Patty Ann says:

    Exzactly my thoughts, you cant tell me there changing out those hot pots, and just dumping ALL that oil?! Which brings me to another question, that rice bowl at your table, do they just dump what you dont eat? Or are you pretty sure it goes back into there service bin?

  8. Wutao Wen says:

    great video! love how you guys have decribed mao cai. You lovely mao cai couple 🙂

  9. floridadiveguy says:

    Zhaoman ( my wife ) loved this video !!! Being from Chengdu of course, lol. She really enjoys your videos. Helps with being home sick I think. Please tell Sarah that people actually do care, lmao. I do not comment very much, but Zhaoman and I love to watch your videos together casting them from You Tube on to our Big Screen TV. It really brings us closer together 🙂 Please keep up the good work and when she goes back to Chengdu, if you guys are there she would love to meet up with up and go to some places to eat. She might be able to answer some questions you have regarding any stuff? She is a sweet heart. Thanks for the amazing videos and for the effort you put in. It really makes a difference. John & Zhaoman

  10. Chris W says:

    How do you guys not get the lotus root.. are you nuts…

    Oh you did….

    … but not enough.

  11. Isaac Gossage says:

    Sarah: "…no-one cares."
    We do care.
    When you are sick, we are sad.
    When you are happy, we are overjoyed 🙂

  12. Ziqi Zhao says:

    He said feeding pigs. I'm from chengdu, I'm pretty sure what he said.

  13. Ziqi Zhao says:

    I believe using recycled oil is illegal in china, but using that to feed pig, for me, is still disgusting…just imaging those pig eating the rest of what we eat…

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