McAfee Knob Virginia

Bedford, Virginia:

McAfee Knob:

We left out Thursday a head of the rain. We got on I81 and Bristol bound. We stopped a few times along the way to stand up and stretch our legs. We usually rode about 70-100 miles between stops.
We made it to our destination in Bedford, a great little town with some amazing mountain views. I think in my video I called them the Washington State Park. But i’ll stand corrected and say that it was the Jefferson State Park that we were in.
We setup camp and a beverage or two and had dinner. It was fun setting up the hammock and rain-fly. I was so tired so i did slip off to bed a little early. It was drizzling rain. I was awaken early am hours by the pouring rain. No worries though as I stayed completely dry under the rain-fly.
The next day was horseshoes and a short ride into town for supplies. Night two was much colder, i’m glad that i brought that extra blanket to use as an under quilt. I didn’t get cold but it was definitely colder than the night before.
Woke up Saturday morning packed up and rode over to Exit 141 off I-81. I drove pretty much straight to the parking lot. The lot was very full of vehicles. Luckily with me being on a motorcycle it was easy to squeeze into a spot. I changed into my hiking gear and off I went to McAfee Knob.
It was .3 miles from the parking lot to the ridge line. I choose to hike the fire road to the end and then 1.4 miles to McAfee Knob. This part of the trail was uphill but it wasn’t anything too hard. The views were so amazing. I want to go back and spend more time there and hopefully less people. On the hike back down I choose to hike the entire AT from McAfee Knob to Hwy 311. On the way back I hiked by two AT shelters.
This is a must trip for any hiker. It comes highly recommended.


  1. Saline Scott says:

    That would be fun to go on a motorcycle trip like that. That ledge looks a little scary.

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