Micro Fishing Jacksonville Florida for Crappie and Brim Basspro shops lures.

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  1. FriedRiceDude says:

    Just went out to fort George inlet and caught 4 really good size whiting yesterday. You should head back out there one day.

  2. Dysfunctional Vet Outdoors says:

    This right around the street from my house. Caught a couple small bass outta there too

  3. protect your 2nd says:

    Jerking and bouncing those little blade baits will work good on cold water bass.

  4. Fred Turner says:

    Please anyone have a decent place i can catch bass with my 7 year old son ive been getting skunked in all the places ive been i just want to put my son on some bass im a begginer myself i usally only use plastic worms/ anything plastic but very rare we catch fish im at point idk wtd just wanna catch some bass anyone with tips pointers ponds/lakes please reply it help me and my son out so much we love to fish but i can see him losing interest cause lately haven't been catching many Bass. We dont have a boat either

  5. Torch Wrench says:

    hey man me and my buddy go fishing in Jacksonville would like to go fishing with you one day.

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