Midwest Meanderings II Chapter 26: The Stagecoach Trail

The finale to this series takes me into the hear of Galena in far Northwestern Illinois to the Stagecoach Trail, which is part of an old road connecting Galena to Chicago. The route is a more scenic alternative to U.S. 20, where this route will end past Lena. The road has a lot of hilly (yes, hilly) and curvy terrain and will pass near the highest natural point in Illinois.


Chapter 25: The Last Ride

  1. Freewayjim says:

    Great work! that was definitely a Season Finale quality video with regard to route and soundtrack, had no idea Galena was such a cool looking place too, 5*.

  2. eluko79 says:

    Great work on the trip Kris. You've shown quite a lot of places in the area that I'll have to check out for myself sometime. I'm surprised what little I hear about past state lines. As for Galena, I don't think there's a better looking main street in the country.

  3. Kaydrah Communications Wanderlust says:

    One of those "hidden gem" routes that trucking never gives anyone the privilege of driving. Loved hearing "El Camino" too!

  4. Brad Rains says:

    Enjoyed the series and looking forward to what you have "down the road" in the future.

  5. DeaconG1959 says:

    Another excellent ride, sir! As every good videographer knows, sometimes all it takes is a few reshoots to bring the finished product up to a quality level, and it shows here.
    Thank you Mrs. Solarcatcher!

  6. Jason Hsu says:

    Awesome! As an added bonus, you used a Taylor Swift song. It seems fitting not only because of the flood protection in Galena but also because Galena's history and the name of the country duo The Civil Wars just seem to go together.

  7. Jason Hsu says:

    For your next trip, how about a drivelapse of Illinois 171? I always thought it was an interesting highway because of how drastically it changes. Just think of how many times the route changes between Ogden Avenue and 95th Street.

  8. European Roads says:

    That's a pretty sweet ride! It's interesting how a bit of hills can make a rural drive much more interesting. Galena looked pretty urban for a town of that population size.

  9. cjs121675 says:

    Nice ride! Sad to see your Meanderings come to an end but this was worth seeing and all! Very interesting area to see and all- good to see different areas I have never seen before! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you my friend and future travels!

  10. Mustafa Suno, Jr says:

    I think you should go back to green bay. The freeways look nicer now

  11. J & J Across the USA says:

    A nice way to cap off an impressive series! You’ve showed me places I hope to visit one day, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next one.

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