Mysterious Vanishings At China’s Cursed Lake

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  1. Danny Zimmerman says:

    Heres a theory that makes a lot more sense. The water surface underneath these lakes were so weak they had collapsed causing a really fast water current to sink down there. Or maybe the cia is behind these disappearances because they dont want anybody to know about the glowing light.

  2. Ice Shard says:

    Very informative and Amazing video PJ.. Maybe you coulda described about what the curse was…If there is one actually..

  3. Steph Slytherin says:

    Lol I love this channel but dude, slow down when talking. There’s no rush. You sound like you’ve had about 10 cups of coffee 😋💙

  4. Peter Nordstrom says:

    it's called Poyang Lake. what puzzles me, is that if something strange is going on, like portals, then why isn't it affecting the hundreds or thousands of people that use the lake daily? and also the animal life in the lake, like the porpoises that live in it?

  5. mrgerminaro says:

    It's theorized there are around 7 gates to hell scattered around the world. Farfetched, and almost sounds like a doom game. But honestly, were are the wrecks Going? It would certainly explain the horror. As for lake monsters, how could something take out boats that size and this many search teams miss it in such a small lake? The activity seems centered around the water itself, the dam, the boats, nothing outside of it seems affected. The lake is dried up now, no sign of wrecks or remains, but no disappearances either. Perhaps it's over.

  6. Siman Markson says:

    Dimensional portals can really be the only explanation for this shit to be happening based on how things just completely vanish without even one little trace of anything left behind. And if the lake is really that shallow, then there is no other way to explain this especially if this lake doesn’t lead to anywhere else.

  7. Henry Townshed says:

    I don't know but maybe it's connected to the Bermuda Triangle I heard in 2008 they found ships that were missing from the Bermuda Triangle they found them in the Gobi desert in Mongolia. They never found any bodies of people just to ships an aircraft remains makes you wonder what's really going on. Again I'm not sure if the story is true or not just what I heard

  8. Ricardo Rodriguez says:

    simple some drill 4 holes on each corner of this lake each facing each other and take picture of it? and see what pops out? Also thermal pictures! like 2 hundred feet down?

  9. Aizen Sousuke says:

    There's an alien base there and underground one for the alpha draconis. There is one near the bermuda triangle too and people go missing there.

  10. neweyes777 says:

    The most strangest 411 Disappearances always seem to have a body of water involved, and if a victim is found they many times are found miles away! This Lake is scary and seems to fit the characteristics of the 411 cases.

  11. I'm guessing USOs, Unidentified Submersible Objects. That would explain the lights.

  12. Queen Victoria says:

    If it's 30 ft deep , just drain the lake somehow , why can't they just drain it so then you can have a clear sight of what's below

  13. CuddleFish503 says:

    Do you always rail up a fat line of blow in immediate anticipation to recording these videos?

  14. Durten Gator says:

    idk wut in the world would or could do any of that but I would stop traveling across that lake or I would put a big bomb on a boat with a timer and send it off on cruise control

  15. Michael Rentz says:

    I'm not a scientist but maybe it's possible there's some sort of whirlpool or Chambers running underneath like in the blue hole I don't know much about this but is there possibilities that there's some sort of Chambers from a nearby volcano I've heard of things like that happening creating zones where the water is no longer voyant just sucking things under sounds kind of like what they're describing the bright light and the suction

  16. Russell Bates says:

    been near this lake, its huge. This is the most beautiful area I ever saw in China. Not really a haunted lake, just a big one

  17. Mr11ESSE111 says:

    heheh, so they found Osama bin Laden hidden in some house in pakistan and many others in some caves but in the same time everybody are too stupid to find any remains of hundreds of sinking ships and lake are 10meters deep and official asshols of scientists say it is sandbag !! so much about official scientists and their ( hyperretard) explanations

  18. MixedFeelings says:

    Poyang Lake is drying up pretty fast so it will be interesting to see if anything is found.

  19. Robert Randolph says:

    I Believe In These Strange Disappearances, But Why The Fuck Would These Large Ships Be Floating Around In 30 Feet Of Water? And Why Have We Never Heard About These Ships Vanishing In A Lake?!

  20. j jon says:

    the silt on the bottom could be hundreds of feet deep and most large lakes are connected under ground. where i live there is some islands not far away there is a old wooden ships on the south side of one island i have the bell of it almost had it to the surface. when i was 12 with my dad fishing with nets we snagged it. we didn't know it was there. well it sit on south-west side of hay island right at the straight drop off from 20-50 deep to 150-200 feet deep on the bottom right be side the drop off. are boat was small 22 ft long 6 ft wide. the old fashion sailboat looked about 50 ft lo 15 ft wide and we almost raised it by hand without sinking our boat.

  21. Chris Kelley says:

    Even stranger, Poyang Lake recently dried up from its previous 68,000 sq Km to 200 sq Km, and still revealed no hidden wreckage.

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