Norway and the good life – Light on the North

In Norway, Stine Jensen explores the downsides of the Norwegian goodness regime. Why is Oslo the number one city in Europe for heroin consumption? And why are there long lines at the food banks in one of the most prosperous countries in the world? And what happened to the rock solid Norwegian belief in goodness and solidarity after the murders Anders Breivik committed on 22 July 2011 during a shooting on the island of Utoya?

In Light on the North, Stine Jensen gauges one after the other the Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Danish souls.
‘The good Scandinavian life is of course relative. As soon as you start to look at it from different eyes, the image topples.’
In four episodes, the philosopher Stine Jensen, who was born in Denmark but grew up in the Netherlands since her first year, is looking behind Scandinavia’s clichés of emancipation, prosperity, natural beauty and space.

Presented by: Stine Jensen
Director: Hans Pool
Editor: Matthieu Hes
Producers: Rosan Boersma, Karin Vermeulen, Jan de Ruiter, Niek Koppen

© VPRO October 2013

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  1. Л. Иванов says:

    L'Europe du Nord est un modèle pour l'Europe du Sud mais pas dans tous les domaines.

  2. Audial Asphyxiation says:

    Another intelligent and insightful documentary! You deserve more views!

  3. Jan Czaja says:

    Great documentary VPRO. The answer of the black metal player in 35-36th minute about Breivik sums everything up about Norway. It might be an excellent country to live in, as measured by numerous metrics, however along the way, Norway has definitely lost part of its soul. An average person in the developed world is right now more affluent than ever, but also more lonelier and without purpose as never before. Call it affluenza (I'm not even sure this a a right diagnosis) or something else, but there's definitely something eating us away.

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