Oklahoma Spoonbill Fish On Action!

On today’s episode of Okie Catfishing we head to NE Oklahoma to the Neosho River near Fort Gibson Dam to give a try at snagging spoonbill/paddlefish in low temperate conditions. I was not for sure there would be much out in the water but I was proven wrong when I started really getting into the fish and had a fish on every other throw. Stick around and watch the serious snagging action as we run through spoonbill until my arms and legs give out from the work. You’ll see fish from 5 to 35 pounds in this video!

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Master’s Bait & Tackle

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  1. Wes Lovelace says:

    Just when you think you've seen it all up Pops A Critter on the Tube I've never seen before!! We have Sawfish which are related to Sharks & are Protected in FLA!! I noticed the Terminal Tackle & I'm thinkin' Monsta Biggin's. Got that much Rite!! Another TidBit for the Memory Bank……


    Awesome vid man! Love the Outdoors!
    Not sure what the growth on the tree means but I see it a lot! TL man!

  3. Super Hank Outdoors says:

    That’s awesome I’ve seen where people do that before always wanted to catch one. Are u allowed keeping them?

  4. Super Hank Outdoors says:

    And do u end up snagging
    Much other types of fish? Seems like
    It would be a nightmare snagging up on debris too


    Very cool. Spoonbills are still on my to do list. Was out snagging today for Asian carp with a similar setup except I run a 1/2 Oz Bullet weight in front of the hook.

    And it's poison ivy.

  6. Coach B's Bassin says:

    I love to snag spoonbill in the spring. Here in Miami, OK the spoonbill make a yearly run up the Neosho River from Grand Lake. There will be people almost shoulder to shoulder snagging them in April

  7. John's Fish Tales says:

    How common are those fish Okie? I've never heard of them until I watched you catching them last year.

  8. Casual Carolina Fishing says:

    The fish were huge. You cracked me up when you called the carp catfish bait. Then you threw it back! 😂

  9. The Outdoorsman says:

    Very cool! I really want to give that a try someday, do you eat them? Ive heard they are good eating. Great video!

  10. Fishing with Mike Chavez says:

    Man, those paddlefish are incredible..I would love to come out there and get on some of those..Looks like much fun…Were you able to fix that pawl? Cool cave too…Too bad about Will…

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