Orlando Is A 2 Mouse Town | Adventures At Chuck E Cheese and Congo River Golf

Friday night in Orlando! We head over to Chuck E Cheese as we have not been to a location in many years. We then head over to Congo River Golf and also include some additional clips that didn’t make a full video from this week.

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Intro music courtesy of Piston Driven, featuring Mike Fern, aka Inferno Being

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  1. Jared says:

    Chucky cheese. Far out!!haha right on though. Have a good weekend and stay safe!!

  2. Omar Encarnacion1 says:

    Duuude! happy friday the 13th on sunday already XD, i made a friday the 13th marathon movies at home with my wife lol…that's a great place hehehe…if i drink that chocolate with coffee i dont sleep like for a week hahaha, thanks for share with us this man

  3. Andrew Mclaughlin says:


  4. Lisa S says:

    Congo River Golf looked so much fun & hey it must be hell keeping bumping into your fans 🀣
    Would seriously love some rain or thunder storms over here in πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ just to cool things down a little.
    Love the eclectic clips on the end, free slushys on a Friday seriously is that a thing? A fishy fish platter 🀣.

  5. A. Babe says:

    I liked the old robot characters from the 80's playing all the instruments.

  6. Ali McCollum says:

    Whoa… Chuckie. Smh. Wonder what happens to the gators when they get bigger. Since now they associate people peering at them with getting food. lol Oops. Cool vid. πŸ™‚

  7. David Thacker says:

    It looks like CC is out dated for sure. I like Congo River we go to the two in Daytona. Wow that looks like the Forest Gump sideways rain. Ha I'm eating Cap'n Crunch right now. OK I'm super thrilled about Deland Stockyard. This sounds like something I would love and its not far from Daytona. These are the little things I find in your videos that I find so helpful. I think I'm moving to Deland for Pancakes (Old Spanish Mill) and Steak (Deland Stockyard) By the way I'm Super Pumped about this!!!!

  8. Greek 1 says:

    Growing up we always played miniature golf. My sister would always lose and one time threw the club into the parking lot and hit a car.

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