Outdoor Men Sports Shoulder Bag from GearBest

A versatile shoulder bag when a haversack is more than you need.
Get yours here:
Coupon code: CA%BS785 (10%off)

  1. Brian Ferris says:

    A modern day possibles bag except it won't be black powder lead and tools carried but lighters matches etc-

  2. Playing With Fire says:

    I bought one very similar without the smaller top pocket. but it does have bungee top cording in it's place . very useable size . not too big not too small

  3. NewLife says:

    Recently picked up a couple of bags within the same theme , one I set up for day hikes, and the other I created a in car emergency kit that stays in the car. Good stuff.Thanks..

  4. Craig Betts says:

    i have the same basic bag but was sling one, which I didn't like after a few times out so I changed into a belt carry, anyone looking for a day pack this is real good to carry

  5. Julian 3 says:

    Wow – so MANY pockets!!! Looks like more than enough for an afternoon! thanks for the review!

  6. Thomas Nugent says:

    Looks like a great bag to use by itself or to augment your regular gear as a haversack/possible bag. Thank you very much.

  7. Jacqui Blanchard says:

    Looks pretty nice, Jim. I carry wayyyyy too much stuff for it right now, though. Summer vacation + Adventure Kids = TOO MUCH STUFF. LOL!! Thanks for the review!

  8. BushCraftBums says:

    Looks like a great piece of kit brother! May it serve u well!

  9. CaribooCountryOutdoors says:

    That's a decent little bag for sure! Molle= the possibilities are endless haha

  10. Paul Embling says:

    Nice video Jim, thanks for sharing,I am thinking trauma kit for the Jeep.

  11. The Last Grownup in the Woods says:

    Cool little bag. I can see it being handy for going out and muddling about. Could hold a couple field guides and binoculars pretty well.

  12. Cabin Life with Glenn & Maureen says:

    Small bag… but holds a lot.. nice little day bag to take out on our excursions from the off grid cabin here in the Ontario backwoods. Thanks for sharing.

  13. shovelhead8 says:

    Nice compact bag.. If the price was right, you could get a couple and have them loaded up with different purpose stuff, ready to go without having to stop and pack. Thank you for the video, Jim

  14. Terry W. Milburn says:

    Sweet deal on this 1 Jim Thanks for sharing this ! ATB T God Bless

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