Outdoor/Camping gear unboxing from Olight and Born Survivor Supplies

With Two parcels arriving I expected both to be compact so the Olight gear took me by surprise, and yet another great deal and product from Born Survivor Supplies, a Frontier Tomahawk..
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  1. Randy J says:

    :). An English YouTube channel with a 3 + minute long advertisement for pistol ammunition magazine carriers. Sorry I had to x out of that one. You tube and their computerized logic algorithm don't always make sense.

  2. DustyPilgrim1 says:

    Just out of curiosity… How many soddin torches you got ? And don't joke about torch restrictions. They could easily impose an upper limit on lumens output using 'potential retinal damage ' as the 'need' . Next thing you know they will be banning flash photography. I have an old pro column flash from when I was a bit serious on the photography. You can feel the heat when the bugger goes off. Better get that hid. See what you started Wessex.
    Hey they ain't cheap those torches are they .
    I had a look for the 'hawk heads . Couldn't see them as a separate item , just saw the whole'hawks . Are they listed in a different place to the whole 'hawks ?

  3. NoiseJammer says:

    Great video as always Scott looking forward to the reviews, thanks for the links 👍

  4. bill birch says:

    Make a walking stick that on the final trim just happens to fit the eye of the hawk head

  5. Vormulac1 says:

    Nice, my last two EDC torches have been Olights – they're incredible pieces of kit.

  6. Andy Young says:

    Well you can repurpose that walking stick of yours for the tomahawk! lol
    And aren't you a very lucky boy to get a pair of flashers sent to you to play with!

  7. northwales1000 says:

    Be good to a decent review of these torches, as most are the same boring unbox, quick look at specs and a few beam shots.

    Got 4 olights myself and about 40 other torches.

    Wonder if anyone would be generous enough to send a BLF giga thrower to review. Get about 2.5km throe from it.

  8. Jonah 365 outdoors says:

    Nice one 👍 will be good to see how you get on with the olight

  9. Robert Hodkinson says:

    Ha ha brilliant!
    I have the handle to that hawk !
    Other one had severe bend in it ,
    Andy from born survivor sent replacement for me from other hawk
    ( top bloke !)
    Now you have it

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