Red Fish Surf Fishing Jacksonville Beach Florida

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  1. Brian Vickery says:

    Great job, if she wants to try for some redfish, Pablo creek area off Atlantic is nice, so isn't around the CG station in Mayport.

  2. Dustin DeWind says:

    Nice vid,, thank you 👍 Btw ,, you already made the catch of your life with Kimber,, everything after that is just icing on the cake !!

  3. Rickey Carter says:

    Don’t forget to loosen that drag a tad when you are fishing out of a sand spike for something big.

  4. knarnn says:

    Nice vid. You may want to go a bit inshore if you’re targeting reds but they sure are fun to catch. The best fighting fish in our area outside of tarpon.


    Nice video Whiting slay fest! Redfish are so fun! Way to HOOKEM IN THE MOUTH!

  6. Pow3rHouse DavE says:

    Big Talbot island has some nice black drum and sea trout out in the surf right now. Check it out sometime

  7. Dinsmore Outdoors says:

    Man I need to get out in the surf, I havn`t surf fished in years!

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