S1.E59-AWESOME Buffalo River Valley Campground in the Arkansas Ozarks, Compton, JB Trading Co

Episode 59 was filmed March 28, 2018 in Compton, Arkansas at the JB Trading Co Campground.

We talked recently about the tools that we use to find campsites as we are traveling. Sometimes the best way to find a campsite, however, is to simply ask someone locally. This solution worked perfectly for us recently as we were in Compton, Arkansas, a tiny community in the Buffalo River Valley of the Ozark Mountains, Northwest River Country, NWRiCo.

We hope that you enjoy this Weekend Toolbox episode. We were in Compton for a VERY special reason. Stay tuned for that video in our next Fun Friday episode!

JB Trading Co, Compton, AR – www.jbtradingco.com

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Epidemic Sound
– “Intimate Acoustic 15” by Stefan Netsman
– “Shallow Oceans” by Kim Aspen

Thanks to Peter McKinnon for the tip about Epidemic Sound.

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  1. Lori Smith says:

    Looks like a very nice place for the cost. I love those platform tents. I think I’ll be going through Arkansas. May give it a try. Thanks for the review.

  2. CaliChaos says:

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely campsite. May you both have a blessed Easter and safe travels.🙏🏼

  3. Meri dian says:

    Are you guys going to Eureka Springs? That's my favourite place in the U.S.!

  4. cathy308308 says:

    With all of the national forest South of you, I cannot imagine you spending money in a camp ground.

  5. Joan Milano says:

    How cool to have been referred to such a nice, clean place! Happy Easter, you guys!

  6. Georgia Moore says:

    Thanks for sharing that awesome campsite. I plan on checking it out when I pass through Arkansas in the future. Wishing you two a Happy Easter!🐣🐇🐰

  7. Two Meander says:

    As Robert shared in the video, the entire area was saturated after many days straight of rain, and as you can tell in the video, it was still raining, so taking a chance on forest roads was iffy. What a treat it was to be referred to JB Trading Co! Plus, as he indicated, we were only staying one night because we had a very special meeting the next day while there in Compton. That video is coming up on our next Fun Friday! You are going to be surprised by a very special tour in that video! Stay tuned!
    It was really great to meet our new friends for breaksfast at JB Trading Co. It was such fun seeing Debra's old stomping grounds, seeing some of her classmates from elementary, and making new friends. We enjoyed supporting a new local business in her old hometown. We did all of that plus got luxurious hot showers for only $20!! JB Trading Co ROCKS!
    After we left Compton, we went down the mountain to stay overnight with Debra's cousins in nearby Harrison. After that, we picked up a special surprise. We have a new traveling companion and you get to meet him on Meander Monday!

  8. Kodey WhiteWolf says:

    WOW Awesome campground sooo clean I will definitely write this one down and so worth the money Too bad it was raining and you couldn't really enjoy it as much as in nice weather You can always stop by on the way back thru..Hope it stops raining so you can go out and about more

  9. Shauna Featherstone says:

    What a Great campground! Happy Easter and April's Day! 🙂 Safe travels! 🙂

  10. DB Bourgeois says:

    Wow, what a fabulous campground. The trading post has created a great place for a wonderful camping experience. Happy April Fool's Easter Day. Not sure where you are today, hopefully not near the storm going across the northern midwest. HUGZ to KOKO Jack. 🙂 ~db

  11. Noah Count says:

    Kudos to the TWO of you for giving a shout out to providers of goods and services who deserve positive recognition, such as JB Trading Co. in this episode.  KOKO

  12. Nancy Feddersen says:

    Happy Easter. OMGosh, the guy standing in that store in the black shirt gave me a fright. He looks identical to my brother that passed away 2 years ago. Thought I was seeing his ghost. Beautiful campgrounds.

  13. Em Ma says:

    Wow, that's so neat! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful video and a great review.

  14. DarkBlue Matter says:

    That place was amazing! I’m getting so discouraged about if/when I’ll ever be healthy enough to get out on the road. My van is just sitting there going to waste. It’s too exhausting to drive it. I feel like I should give up and sell it. When do you just accept your reality and cut your losses? OMG, so depressed. Sorry for this long comment. Needed to vent. Thanks for your videos. 😊

  15. Debra W says:

    Yes we all speak Debra from one Debra to another I understood what you meant LOL

  16. C Dub's Journey says:

    Very nice campsite! The platform tents were way kewl! Ok, all of it was. Loved the little guy at the end and hanging on. Much 💕💕 to you two. Happy adventures & safe travels!

  17. Lost On Land Again says:

    That is a very nice campground. I love that they had a hammock spot. Not many campgrounds do that. Thanks for sharing that fabulous spot!

  18. Trilby Arnold says:

    It looks like you had the camp mostly to yourself and my oh yes the bath house was great. Good fine.

  19. Lone Star Traveler says:

    Have you and Debra ever go to Marfa Texas to see the mysterious lights? If not you have to see this place… I wrote and article at my blog under Texas travels and new update about it. Nice Rv park there wow …Safe travels to you both.

  20. Debbie Pickett says:

    My husband and I are writing down all these places for when we sell the house and get our RV. Tfs! KOKO

  21. Stephanie Jeffery says:

    Enjoy my home state! I was born and raised in North Little Rock. I just moved to Minneapolis 2 years ago but I do miss my home. It's a beautiful state.

  22. Maggie's Corner says:

    If y'all went up Hwy 65 in Arkansas and passed through St. Joe there is Furguson's Country Store and Coursey's Smoked meats near the road I used to live on, I had 12 acres on the side of a hill with about 1 acre of flat land in the mid 1970s. I used to go to Furguson's and Coursey's, my neighbor worked there and she cooked the best breakfast ever!

  23. Adventures with Jane says:

    Nice! You guys are moving right along! Love rainy days, great light for photography. 😉 –Mark

  24. Katherine Walden says:

    Although the mist must have been a bit unpleasant to camp in, it made for absolutely ethereal photography. Thank you so much for sharing with us. What a special place. Looking forward to meeting your 'hitchhiker' winkwink (following you on FB)

  25. Bonnie Jo says:

    JB Trading Co. campground is wonderful. Love those platform tents; gets ya up off the wet ground.

  26. jessiethefarmersdaughter says:

    I have never commented on a youtube video, but wanted to say what a pleasure it was meeting Debra and Robert. They are as friendly in person as on the internet. KOKO! Jessie from Nashville.

  27. Donna G says:

    That was a lovely video. See not all videos need heaps of editing. Thank you for sharing.

  28. Janice Peck says:

    Hi Great video I needed Arkansas cg info on my way to Alabama. Will stop and camp . Great to see a clean ,luxury bathroom! WooHoo! Love you two and keep it safe and look forward to future videos. I got my little cocoon .Her name is Lady Bug. 23.6 Class C We are getting aquainted and waiting to de winterize her. Dang winter just wont relent in OKLAHOMA! Love yall. Jp,OK

  29. Beverly Stewart says:

    Great advice about a wonderful campground. If I am out that way someday will certainly stop here. Thanks so much for the practical advice you give. Much appreciated.

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