Sea Fishing Movie – Day and Night Fishing | FULL DOCUMENTARY

Join Graeme for another sea fishing movie as he attempts to go beach fishing during the day and night. This full documentary is packed full of fishing tips. The episode starts with Graeme doing a solo fishing trip on the beach, where he battles it out with constant weed. He shows you the rigs, tips and tactics that he uses. On the second trip he heads to a different beach and fishes with Tony Kirrage from Tony’s Tackle. This episode has plenty of beach fishing tips for beginners and experienced fisherman. Hopefully you pick up a few tips to help you catch more fish! Thanks for joining the adventure.

  1. TAFishing says:

    Freshwater fisherman do not worry, we're working on an episode this weekend! Tight lines 🎣

  2. Skippy-129 says:

    That bloody wind stopped my turbot trip out of Brighton the other week πŸ™„

  3. chessmoon says:

    i just got back from Rhyl and the sea is full off floating weed looks like Britain has an infestation of sargassum

  4. Gatsby says:

    Got to hand it to you Graeme you certainly have got staying power your one of if not thee most dedicated all round fishermen I know. Think there must be a fish element in your DNA makeup!
    Just been catching up on your vintage big game stuff in foreign waters and noticed your upper teeth were far more gappy then they are now!

  5. tamer tetik says:

    thanks for the nice video πŸ™πŸ™enjoyed watching it

  6. George Bowden says:

    Graeme, I just love the effort & love you put in to your videos, can't wait until the next one.
    It's so good to catch up with the fishing techniques in the old country.
    Tight lines from Oz.

  7. Hartlepool Kayak Fishing says:

    happens to us all Graeme, Get setup, get baited up with a nice presented bait, you get everything prepped for the cast, everything looks and feels good, then "CRACK". time to start it all again thats all can be done.

    As for the ammount of blanks, although im a kayak fisherman now, i havent hit the beaches in some years, my fishing has also been poor, ive blanked more this year than i have for a long long time.

  8. Alex Oprel says:

    Ah yes, beach fishing. When that moment comes when you get most frustrated from reeling weed, and you realize you just hooked 3 pieces of plaice

    Good times

  9. neil w says:

    I use a large stick float in Australia in these situations with a whole prawn for bream, alot of people cast over the fish often they are just behind the break, you can berley with prawn heads and bread, try it one time.

  10. Loni Carr says:

    We watch your shows and enjoy every minute of them! With or without fish, you're such a delight to watch. Thank you to you and your son for all your hard work and wonderful videos.

  11. James Ellsworth says:

    "Fishing is not Catching" all the time. Still, good fun along with the frustration.

  12. Lee1978R says:

    I was never really into fishing growing up but after subscribing to your sons bushcraft channel and seeing you in a few videos talk passionately about fishing I had to come check out the channel. Just like a fish I’m hooked πŸ™‚

  13. James Harris says:

    You should take a trip to the states and come to Louisiana I'll take you catching πŸ‘

  14. Simon Bohin says:

    To be honest it’s just great watching you sea fishing videos Mr P, even if you don’t catch much, cheers for the video πŸ‘πŸŽ£ 🌊

  15. mufdiver31 says:

    Graeme… great vid , pleasure to of met you, always look forward to the next one and now I'm in one!!!
    Was so funny to think you thought my name was really ELVIS. What a wind up typical of anglers on a day blanking. Dave.

  16. donal kelleher says:

    Well done Graeme , tough fishing with that poxy weed, but great job sticking it out and giving us yet another great video. Thanks for the tips and entertainment, much appreciated. I can sympathize with the blank as I’m on an extended blanking run over here with the last while πŸ˜‚.

  17. Lice Pissidon says:

    these long videos are the best graeme. you can just turrn on fullscreen, switch off and relax. good job

  18. OldTinRacing Baby says:

    Second! clip is at Selsey and you can park next to the beach and it is cheap parking at Beach Rd, Selsey, Chichester PO20 0SZ

  19. steersman 1812 says:

    Request for Elvis pls sing us a fishing song…"You ain't nothing but a hound dog".

  20. jayswin2 says:

    Caught my first bass this week in west wales from a canoe off the beach. My mate put me on the best spot. Landed and released 3. Looked in the water below the canoe and there were hundreds of bass feeding. Caught on surface lures.

  21. john atherton says:

    Lots of chemtrails in the sky our government doing their de population.

  22. Dave Jenkins says:

    Another great video, well done team. Would love to see you fish some of the marks in Gosport.

  23. John Savage says:

    Hi Graeme, well done, thanks for sharing. You made me smile when you said…"How many pension age people put themselves through this"? Well, I am 67 and my wife is 65.
    We have spent most of our life fishing isolated beaches all over Australia. Mind you, we do drive 4×4 on most of them.
    Just waiting for the weather to improve and we will be off again for a few weeks.
    So there are other pensioners out there, stay safe.

  24. Steve Willshere says:

    I've been watching and learning from your video's for a few years now. And just realized I never subbed. Shame on me! Any way now subscribed and ding the bell. Lol your a mind of info.thanks for all you do. A. T .b.πŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸ™

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