SibExTrail – Episode 17 – To the Vitim

Episode 17. Sibirsky Extreme Trail – 20,000 km offroad from Europe to the Pacific. The team power on down the early more populated section of the BAM Road, but not without incident. Terry’s handlebars break, Geir drowns his engine, and we lose Steve.

  1. Adrian Silindean says:

    At first river crossing, there is a new bridge now in place. After Novy Uoyan the Funky bridge is also replaced.

  2. Peter Morey says:

    Billy Idol is the perfect soundtrack to riding across Siberia, great video.

  3. Ferdinand Pick says:

    Another amazing episode Walter! Loving the dangerous bridges and the Fen man Terry scared of heights hehe

  4. bliszor says:

    Nice! By the way did you encounter Iker Iturregi in this leg of the trip?

  5. Honda NC750X Stuff says:

    Loving the whole series. Good story telling and great photography.

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