Six Species caught Surf Fishing Jacksonville Beach Florida

Single best surf fishing day i’ve ever had at jacksonville beach

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  1. Little Gamerz HD says:

    This is Johnny Bones, my kids took over my YouTube with there fortnite streams lol. I really enjoyed this one. I'm debating going to the beach today. Did you there any fish bites?

  2. Jason Mac says:

    Maybe Patrick should learn how to unhook his own fish lol. He needs to do it!

  3. Jason Mac says:

    Forgot to mention the bite has been incredible lately. Caught tons of black drum and stingray in the jetties the past 2 weeks. Also caught a yellowtail jack in the st John's this weekend in fruit cove! Crazy


    Nice videos! I kayak fish JAX. Just started a channel! Check me out when you get a chance. Thx! Keep it up!!

  5. FriedRiceDude says:

    Just went fishing and flounder gigging at fort George. The new moon and rain may be helping the bite in Jax atm

  6. Dinsmore Outdoors says:

    Looks like a awesome day! Might have to copy ya and go surf fishing my self

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