Trail Days 2018 Gear Vendors ~ Nemo

NEMO Equipment is an award-winning New England-based designer of innovative outdoor gear, including tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and a few other essentials.


➜ Nemo Hornet 2P ~

➜ Nemo Blaze 2P ~

➜ Nemo Dagger 2p ~

➜ Nemo Rave sleeping bag ~

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➜ Evo Gimbal I used to film this video ~

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☆☆Equipment I used to filmed this video☆☆

– Camera -Olympus O-MD E-M5 Mark II-

– Lense – 12mm –

– Sound – Rode Shotgun Mic –

– TriPod – MeFOTO Carbon Fiber Roadtrip –

– Lighting – Fovitech StudioPRO 3″x28″x20″ –

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  1. SandCrabNews says:

    VR — They could put a (Samsung Gear) 360 degree camera in a tent and remote it with the app.

  2. Hoobilly Indiana says:

    Is Kirt finding Nemo?? LOL..

    🤣 I'm sorry, I'm just messed up that way….

  3. Nathanael Kolb says:

    I've been seriously thinking of picking up the hornet 1p. Been holding off because of reports that end with the vent cut wets out and leaks. Otherwise great tent. Anyone have experience with this tent leaking?

  4. Ryan Beihl says:

    Their sleeping pads are incredible. They definitely missed an opportunity to plug those and instead chose to focus on their tents, that really aren't as innovative as most of the other manufacturers at trail days.

  5. Gary Bolen says:

    7d? 10d? That's just not going to hold up to real world scenarios. I'm all for lighter gear but what Nemo is doing to make their tents lighter is a disservice to hikers.

  6. Outdoor Layne says:

    A long time ago Nemo was interesting – air beams? Very cool. Now? Not so much.

  7. Jeremiah Sage says:

    I live my Sonic 15 sleeping bag. It’s not the lightest on earth buts it’s hands down the most comfortable bag I have ever used. The gill are great to, I’ve used my 15 bag in 50* weather with the gills open and I’ve been comfortable down to 22* with only a t-shirt and pants.

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