Ultra Clearwater Fishing – A Solo Adventure

Graeme goes on another solo fishing adventure this time in ultra clear water. He gives you loads of tips to help you catch more fish! We hope you enjoy this totally awesome fishing adventure!

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  1. xXDragonFire1996Xx says:

    Normally I fish from a boat in a lake and when ever i see stagnant water I get excited because i always get at least one fish from the patch.

  2. Patrick Noveski says:

    I hope 🙏 you release them all.I really love the tips. Release please.

  3. The Rambling Bard says:

    Hey Graeme- I don't mean to get to heavy here so I'll send you a letter soon that goes more into it; suffice to say I don't really have parents. It's been really nice to know your channel is here filled with lots of content from a guy that's a better father than I think I've ever witnessed. Your videos bring me a deep sense of peace, comfort, and joy and I can't tell you how much it means to me with what I'm dealing with in life right now. Thanks so much for what you do.

  4. Christopher Neely says:

    So, you're telling me not to hesitate letting my fly down around scum…OK. Like you say, "There's anglers and then there's danglers."

  5. Patrick Noveski says:

    I can't believe you're going to kill that beautiful fish. Sorry mate, CANT WATCH YOU ANYMORE. Very sad 😔, as I really enjoyed you're show.
    With all you know, how can you kill these beautiful trout. Go buy a steak! Damn , disappointed 😞.

  6. Graham Wright says:

    Is there anything you don't know about fishing ? Blimey Mr your just full of so much knowledge. Great channel Graeme, really enjoy your vids and your clowning around, always puts a smile on my face.

  7. Southern Wanderer says:

    Is fly fishing the hardest or is there other fishing that's harder?

  8. chessmoon says:

    the world cup is on but i have to make time for ta fishing, did not mention pen fishing

  9. Jimmy Reuben says:

    Great video, loving these longer ones. Just a question from a newbie to fly fishing. How long would you suggest I have my leader? Your help will be appreciated.

  10. Mike Saul says:

    Many thanks for a fabulous video, Graham. Very informative as usual. Please keep the long videos coming. Friday night sorted. Thanks.

  11. Oscar Marfori says:

    You are really one lucky fella, imagine having a place like that full of Trout to catch and enjoy, i never caught and tasted a fish like that my whole life, thanks for sharing this wonderful video 👍

  12. Englishman In England says:

    Wish you could get a tv deal.
    Very professional videos with excellent advice.

  13. Steve G says:

    To remove kinks in fly line,I wrap it around a tree trunk ,march off backwards holding the end in one hand the rod in the other and stretch it for some 10 or 15 seconds twice,then reel up going towards the tree and then around it.Always being careful not to stumble.

  14. Stevie D says:

    This video shows your dedication Graeme. That's hard work Fly Fishing like that all day.
    Much Respect,
    Steve in Fife.

  15. franks model farms says:

    Amazing video Graeme… I'm a young fly fisherman and I love watching your trout fishing vids and always using your tips… Keep doing the amazing job your doing mate 😀👍

  16. Jim Harding says:

    I’m not into fresh water fishing I’m a sea boy through and through but I still watch these vids and love them there is always something to take away from them, if your going down shoreham way let me know il take you out I misssed you at the big one would love to talk to you guys

  17. anne sparks says:

    Graeme do the pond trout taste as good as one from a flowing river?

  18. Dodgy Bishop says:

    I'm not sure about ultra clear, there's loads of algae in the water column. Nice vid non the less.

  19. नरेन्द्र scorpion says:

    What kind of liquid is with red cap Could you explain plz and what is the purpose of this. I have been watching your vid since 2014. and great Fan. My dad too enjoyed while watching ur vid.

  20. Burnsy fishing and outdoors says:

    Just started my own fishing and outdoor channel and i always enjoy your channel and your sons if my channel could ever be half of yours that would be Totally Awesome

  21. Johny Whitlam says:

    Another great video. Dry fly in the summer nights is the way to fly fish. Keep up the good work. Tight lines 🎣

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