Video of OLENO State Park, FL from Shelly S.

Day hike with Matador

Shelly S.’s Review on The Dyrt:

▶︎ Oh my…..
Ranger Review: Matador Backpack Beast 28L at O’Lena State Park, Florida.
Campground Review: Ever seen Jurassic Park? O’Lena is a lot like that 🙂
 I travel with my three amigos ( Pomeranian, Dachshund and Australian Cattledog) and was on high alert as soon as we entered the park. My dogs don’t understand that this is the type of park where the wildlife will chase and eat them instead of the other way around ………So that being said keep a close eye on your kids and pets! 
The foliage is lots of fern and primitive looking fauna which makes for a very intriguing visit. Another movie that came to mind while hiking on the river loop trail was “Anaconda”, no I didn’t see any snakes( or alligators for that matter) but the trail and bridges were reminiscent of that movie , no machete required. Instructional signage along the way and interesting sights along the Santa Fe River. The bridges were pretty cool and the original recreated settlement is pretty awesome. All CCC construction. There is a picnic area, a pavilion, a lodge, a museum, several other structures and a swimming area (WHAT!!) which was closed when we visited due to high water levels. Funny sign ( LOTS of sarcasm cause you know somebody did it) says to not swim with the alligators……I was glad for that warning cause I had my water wings ready to go. 
There are several trails available for hiking and biking and a primitive campsite on Sweetwater Trail. Santa Fe River goes underground in this area and you can check it out along the trails, going in and coming out again. 
There is equestrian camping and trails available but I did not visit that area. Bug spray and be aware of your surroundings while enjoying the trails.
The Dogwood campground sites are well spaced out with sand, electric, sand, water, picnic table and sand. Some of the sites are more suitable for group camping. The Dogwood trailhead is in the campground. It is a well maintained easily accessible area. Other then being on constant watch f…

OLENO State Park:
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