You Probably Had No Idea These Cities Are Bigger Than New York…

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10. Guangzhou, China
9. Karachi, Pakistan
8. Jakarta, Indonesia
7. Dhaka, Bangladesh
6. Kinshasa, Congo
5. Tianjin, China
4. Lahore, Pakistan
3. Sao Paulo, Brazil
2. Lagos, Nigeria
1. Lima, Peru

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  1. winson xiao says:

    My parents game from Guangzhou, the rural areas are a polluted mess though

  2. makouras says:

    Kinshasa is the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (the are 2 Congos, it's not just 'The Congo'). Also, the second picture you showed while talking about this city is from Shanghai.

  3. nwt229 says:

    Why does the last Kinshasa at night picture looked like Shanghai at night??? Anyone can clarify?

  4. itsallgood today says:

    It would've been nice if the video had included the population &/or the miles each city inhabits. It would give people more of a reference as to how much bigger than New York they actually are.

  5. Simone Miller says:

    Thanks for the tour. I think that I will continue to take them on line.

  6. montyollie says:

    You didn't clarify if you meant bigger by population or bigger by area. You also didn't mention area nor population in any segment. Usually you are more on top of it in these videos. This was was disappointing for these reasons.

  7. Skelly Hell says:

    Making a joke about canton being a Pokémon place suggests you know that Kanto is a Pokémon place, but that you don't know that Kanto is a region in Japan where the game was originally set. I thought you were smart, Simon.

  8. vampzim says:

    I have never associates Lima Beans with Lima, since they are pronounced differently, 'LIE-MA' vs 'LEE-MA'…

  9. Intellectual Ammunition says:

    Simon always has to take a jab at the Yanks about what they know about the rest of not America.

  10. Frank Paschke says:

    China alone might have 10 cities. Chongqing? It is huge and obscure enough that I’m surprised you didn’t include it. It was in Sichuan at one time, but is now its own separate municipality of 30m. It has been compared to San Francisco in that it is situated on hills and has fog, also is quite picturesque. It is in almost the exact center of China, so it was used as a huge producer of armaments. During the Cultural Revolution, really a civil war, it was the site of some of the most brutal warfare, given the factions easy access to machine guns, mortars, and the like. Much bigger than Tianjin, if you didn’t want to include Beijing & Shanghai, it would easily have made your list population-wise plus an interesting history and scenery. Maybe have a You Probably … Part II?

  11. grey galah says:

    Been to three of these cities. Liked Lima, but except for number 6 i wouldn't go near some of these

  12. Tineke Williams says:

    Gosh, the dreadful yellow sky over the Chinese city, looks like a bad case of smog!

  13. ambureb says:

    I live in rural Appalachia and no, I don’t think of any city in West Virginia as being big. Why would you say that? We’re isolated, not stupid.

  14. RaptorKinna says:

    The subtitles hilariously only mostly match what he's saying. Whoever did them, thanks! It totally does look like Naboo.

  15. Lucas Soares Coutinho says:

    Yeeees #3! glad to see my hometown on this list. Such an understated city. Not sure about others, but São Paulo: population 8,6 (ny) vs 12,1 (sp), size 789 km² (ny) vs 1.521 km² (sp). nyc is denser tho, and the buildings way taller.

  16. Rattrap007 says:

    Well when you say New York you should specify if it is all five boroughs or just Manhattan. If it is just Manhattan, then size wise, yeah lots of places are larger. It is only about three miles wide and 12 miles long so iirc.

  17. Amanda Appels says:

    I mean speaking in terms of area… NYC is actually pretty small. There’s just millions of people shoved into every space possible

  18. Minnesotan Atheist says:

    I visited recently to karachi, make sure you know someone though. They’ll tell you where to visit where not to, if you’re a woman, you should have a partner at night, in the day you’re fine. Tbh, Karachi’s danger is overblown, it isn’t a safe city persay but it isn’t this terrifying wasteland that it’s made out to be.

  19. Jack Amb says:

    Ooooo man lol you had a cold or I m betting on some air transmited alergen

  20. MUZAMMIL ALI says:

    Simon you have insulted the city of Karachi,it has great places to visit beaches , museums and markets . You are an ignorant american .

  21. Anees Niazi says:

    Sorry but as a Kashmiri, we are part of Pakistan yet you've put us as part of Indian occupiers?

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